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    Sony to Develop Gaming Phone, PSP Phone Finally a Reality?

    Over the last few years there have been countless rumors that Sony has plans (and even a patent) for a PSP phone. Finally some confirmation has surfaced courtesy of the Nikkei business daily.

    It reported this morning that Sony is considering developing a cellphone-game gear hybrid in a bid to better compete with Apple Inc's highly popular iPod and iPhone.

    To quote: Sony plans to set up a project team as early as July to develop a new product that combines functions of its portable game player and Sony Ericsson's mobile phones, the Nikkei said.

    Sony Ericsson is a cellphone joint venture between Sony and Sweden's Ericsson.

    A growing number of game-makers including Capcom Co Ltd and Square Enix Holdings are now offering software for the iPod and iPhone to take advantage of the Apple products' popularity, posing a threat to Sony's PlayStation Portable and Nintendo Co Ltd's DS.

    A Sony spokesman declined to comment on the report.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    thebomb5 Guest

    Smile I Dont Agree

    If this is realy true, i dont agree with sony one bit. Instead of spending money on such stupid device, why dont they use the money to expand the ps3's game line-up? They already have the psp-go coming out, why would they wanna bring out another piece of hardware? I say focus on the ps3, psp, and psp go!!

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    dagnillo Guest
    Now seriously, do they really think the Game Gear's graphics will offer any sort of competition with Apple's amazing phone? They need to get with it and use some current-gen technology. Sheesh.

    And here we thought Sega's portable unit was long dead. LONG LIVE THE GAME GEAR!!!

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