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    Sony Connect

    i came across the sony psp connect website the other day and i started thinking about this video delivery service. do you all think that an auto-update could be embedded with these videos? it would be a good way for sony to 'sneak' an update in. what are your thoughts on this service?

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    It looks like all they get you to do is put a folder onto your memory card where you can put your videos to be played. They're stored like they would be if you recorded mpeg4 video on a camera.

    They would have offered an empty folder for download, but I don't think that's possible, so they stuck in a video of the sites host. that's all. It's a good site for people who are new to the unit, and I actually wish I had seen it when I first got mine. Had no idea how to add video.

    The service itself is no different than

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