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    Nov 2010
    ..? Okay, so I was going to buy a Vita, but why do that when I can just buy a small memory card and use my friend's? I can get all my trophies and saves from their console. Seems a little weird.

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    Better wait / skip, moja. UnchartedPSVITA can wait

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    Nov 2010
    Yeah, yeah, I'm most likely gonna get one at launch anyway. As for the memory cards - come on, China!

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    Quote Originally Posted by thePS3dB View Post
    I give it 6 months and they will start removing key features.
    what key feature(S), LOL!

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    Not sure if I am a big fan of this. That means that when they come out my son and I will has to share the same psn account. That sucks.

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    R.I.P. consumer's interest.

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    Rip? When Sony ever spent 1 second for customer's interest, on any product sold? Scam/troubles/funcionality removed/low quality is the famous company "Sony"

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    Rip? When in the hell Sony spent 1 minute for customers?

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    I think Sony is trying too hard to avoid the PSP fiasco with the Vita and they're going about it in absolutely the wrong way.

    The REAL problem Sony had with the PSP was not the pirates, it was the crappy games. The absolute complete lack of games seriously encouraged hackers (and then pirates) because people were desperate for something to use the console for. I bought a PSP shortly after launch and was wowed by the potential, and there were just NO GAMES.

    Lumines was a launch game and the only game I really enjoyed. The custom firmware that came out was a blessing because then I could actually get some USE out of the thing, I didn't have to tote around a bag of completely ridiculous umd cartridge-discs, and I didn't have to sell my first born to buy a decent enough sized memory card to use it as an mp3/movie player. I spent more time playing SNES emulated games (especially the RPGs) than I ever did the actually psp "games."

    I remember reading articles talking about how the best selling things for PSP for a long time were the UMD movies. That's pathetic. By the time some half decent games came out for the system years after it's launch, most people that I know that had been willing to buy games for and support the system had given up on it.

    If Sony wants to avoid the PSP drama again, then they'll make sure that their system actually has games that people want to buy, not just crap that isn't worth our money.

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    Meh. Except Uncharted, looking PSVITA games (i was at TGS2011), i'm not exactly fainting for new games. An other flop, hoping a hack. History repeat. And Sony failed again. At TGS i heard a guy looking PSVITA area, commenting "WTF is this trash. Do i have to pay thousand yen for this? Oh please". I laugh 5 mins.
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