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    Well you see the preowned game market is extremely lucrative within the industry, earning them a substantial amount of money over time so I mean there's nothing wrong with second hand games. I personally can't afford to buy brand new games twice a month like others do, specially after the latest rush of titles so for those who would rather opt to wait a few months before purchasing this move is a huge deterrent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by attributes View Post
    I think its good except that you can't buy a second hand version. Anyone who complains is just a pirate or someone who buys second hand games..
    this doesnt make sense for people who buy games from gamestop and ebay.

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    i agree, hackers are bound to find their way around this, for example look at Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox 360, its hacked up like hell.

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    If you plan to go online with a second hand, or rented game, this is going to be lame.

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    It works for Apple with the iphone games. Now all Sony need to do is price them in a similar way and they'll have a success.

    You can still pirate software on the iphone but the pricing of software makes it less appealing to jailbreak/hack the phone.

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    It doesnt bother me for I am not interested in the online anyway.

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    This will surely work for stopping online game piracy, but used online games will be as good as dead, as those voucher codes are only going to work once. After that, the game probably won't work on another system.

    It has been a successful method of combating piracy on PC games. Most popular online games do have private servers, but the gaming experience on such servers are usually out-dated and have tons of bugs and lag. Even if an official server file leak is ever released for a game server, it would just become out-dated quickly and you wouldn't have the latest, nice features of the real servers.

    Private servers are unreliable as they are hosted by small groups of everyday people. Private servers often go offline or disappear at any moment, so if you plan on investing time in ranking up or obtaining valuable skills or items you can kiss them goodbye.

    I've played a fair share of private servers on the computer, and they are all like this. Private server gaming experience is just lame compared to the real thing. Quit being cheap and pay for it.

    I honestly never buy or rent any game that has been opened, so this doesn't make a huge difference to me. But, if I ever had a thought about renting a game before buying, it surely is gone now.

    This method is only useful for online play. If the code was verified locally (meaning unlock codes to play offline-only games) you could just patch it. But with online games it has to be verified by the server so you can't do anything unless you have access to the server.

    I don't like this approach. They must be rather desperate to resort to this.

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    Part of the problem is that Sony is hellbent on turning the PSP into a success. They're basically gnashing and biting at every person who has ever done anything to slight them as a way of blaming them for the lack of PSP sales. Pirates and people who buy games on eBay, Amazon or GameStop are the enemy as far as they're concerned. But since most pirates are savvy enough to get around these measures, or not care about losing online, it's only the second hand purchasers who get shafted.

    But Sony isn't know for being very far sighted.

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    If the game has ad hoc can't you play with other people using Xlink Kai? That seems like a good way to get around the online multiplayer issue.

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