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Thread: Sony on Combating Piracy with PS Vita Proprietary Game Cards

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    racer0018 Guest
    If they do make something like the ds has it will have to be really small cause the size of the ones for vita. I am sure if there is way someone will find it. Nothing is hack proof.

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    geowrian Guest
    Another proprietary security mechanism? Really? When has that ever worked to any degree for them? I teach cryptography - this goes against all good practices for a secure system. Proprietary means they hope only they know how it works.

    Once somebody else finds that out (reverse engineering isn't too hard nowadays), it's always easier to break than publicly tested methods. Sony's stuck in the past if they think that's still effective.

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    Krazybone Guest
    I don't know why people are moaning so much. Ps vita has a way to go, PSP was a silent sucess. PS3 lasts the longest before it got fully hacked.

    If we didn't pirate games then the cost of production would be a lot less and games would be brought more and more profits for developers and Sony and the ultimate one is that the games would be cheaper for us plus you'd get better games...

    But its not like that at all.

    I don't know whats better. But I've given up on pirate games now. Just buy them at deals or full price. Sell them off and end up paying only a fraction of the price...

    For those who have banned accounts, its your own fault. I felt Sony was generous when they let you share the Digital content up to five times, and my only two digs I got at them is they they restricted this to two... I know they could have been worse.

    But we dont help it the situation do we, we were messing with the console breaking the system and Sony took away other os.

    Look what happened to megaupload... Can't event get anything on the net anymore. Cuz USA shut them down??!
    Whats the result of all these movies stealing...

    Movies tickets used to cost 3.80 and now they are over 10 in the space of 6 years.

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    Zentsuken Guest
    Couldn't have said it better myself, if people are so inclined to be pirates then they should already know that they have to give up something in return. For PS3 users that's PSN access, and hey for some they don't really care about it so that works for them. But I couldn't see myself not playing online with friends, not to mention it's free (up to now anyways).

    Sony was nice enough to give us another chance (by not banning anyone that abused their system ala debug mode) or by playing homebrew/etc online. (Or maybe they were too busy suing people).

    Now movie tickets on the other hand....

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    ModderFokker Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Krazybone View Post
    Movies tickets used to cost 3.80 and now they are over 10 in the space of 6 years.

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    Hasn't got a thing to do with downloading

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