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Thread: Sony on Combating Piracy with PS Vita Proprietary Game Cards

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    BerserkLeon Guest
    so.. what, are we going to have custom carts from like SuperCard from the DS scene now? Or will it go pure cfw.. They arent really stopping anything... just introducing a new security check or two. The downloadable titles are probably a little weaker in the security front, probably the same or similar deal as the ps3's security.

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Because you need their proprietary hardware for work. We need a clone able to emulate it. Software is just some data.

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    Prince Valiant Guest
    You can add more advanced hardware checks when you use a cartridge format.

    I don't know why Sony went with a new form of stick storage though, should have just used MSPD like the PSP.

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    Transient Guest
    I don't mind the cartridges myself, but I do mind the small and expensive memory cards. I was planning to go purely digital downloads for my Vita, but with the cost of the memory cards it's going to be too expensive of a solution. I guess I can transfer the games to PC or PS3, but then you have to be at home and wait while it copies over.

    I'd much rather a cheap 128GB card that I can fill up. As usual though, Sony puts up roadblocks for customers who want to stay legitimate. What'll end up happening is the Vita will be cracked and the pirated solutions will be more convenient than Sony's own offerings. Watch and see.

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    elser1 Guest
    i agree with transient. the cost of these ps cards is a real put off to me for buying a vita. i dl an awful lot from psn on my ps3 and if it where forced onto cards id need 300gb worth of cards.. get real sony.

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    properBo Guest
    not to mention that in typical PSN (SEN) fashion, a demo is the size of the full game in most cases. Which is fine if you decide to buy it, but a nightmare if you just want to try it. A few of those will fill a card real fast.

    After getting a 30 mb update for hotshots, uncharted demo (not full size, 8xxmb/3.xxgb), rayman demo (full 1.5xgb), the 3 a.r. apps, and netflix the 4gb card is nearly full.

    If they ever do map packs as dlc for the future killzone or COD titles, the 4gb will be obsolete. I mean I remember when a 512mb card for psp was more than enough, then cut to Metal Gear or some such game that were nearly 2 gigs

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    popshopadop Guest
    there is a reason why their stuff is getting hacked so easily now. they don't change a thing. look at the umd, that was proprietary. the guy getting interviewed should look up the word proprietary. it means that the only certain people will have access to how everything works. $ony did proprietary (again) stuff so they can make more money.

    $100 for a 32 GB memory card? the one in my phone cost one third of that and still has a 10 on transfer speed. i can't believe this guy is $ony's spokesperson. they may be a business but they need repeat customers. i want stuff i can hack not something i have to invest more than my house.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Tidusnake666 View Post
    Cartridges to fight piracy? You may ask Nintendo how this is all good, seriously.
    100% agree, the DS was probably the console that was hurt the most by Piracy. Everyone I know who has a DS, has an R4 to play roms. I'm starting to think this Scott Rhodes has a memory of 5 minutes, lol.

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Deffo true (And thanks god, or with my children i was poor now haha , what an amazing console)

    But not in japan. (Except rare cases) DS or psp, everyone use original cartridge, on the train. Proud of it too..

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    1Panic Guest
    Well this isn't good at all. Guess I won't be getting a Vita ever then. Because I'll be damned if I'm gonna pay for a port of a ps3 game.
    But since the games are actually on "SD cards" last time I checked you can TRANSFER files off a SD card easily. lol

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