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    pasty745 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by fudgelmir View Post
    okay... so there's something I really don't understand here. If they're charging us this much money, what is the point of registering the umd in the first place? Why not just have the game(s) available for download?

    Purchasing UMD+this new fee wouldn't be a big deal if games were $1-2.

    But when we start talking $10+, it's just silly.

    Persona 3 UMD: 39.99 + Persona 3 digital vita conversion: 19.99 = $59.99

    Persona 3 PSN version = $34.99
    I think it is just a convoluted way of getting people to just buy everything from the PSN. Because really, why bother going through a stupid registering process if it really just makes you pay the price of a PS3 game. I think it would be easier (and make slightly more sense) to just make the price of digital PSP games cheaper. With the popularity of buying used games these days.

    I can understand not simply letting you rip the game 100% free. But in all honesty, if I could even do a download/rip of my PSP games (or PS3) for like $1-$5. I would be 90% okay with not using a CFW on my units. I still would like to have the physical discs though.

    The most immediate problem I can think of for any of the digital stuff is times when the PSN/your network is down. Since without signing-in will normally lead to the games not working.

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Like i said dozen times, Sony's workers have no idea how to make a good marketing

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    fudgelmir Guest
    The big problem I have with the digital downloads though is that you can only download it 3 times before you need to repurchase it (if I recall correctly). Memory sticks do fail, and it makes shuffling data more of a hassle.

    An external umd drive would be a novel idea, although umd seek/load time is horrible.

    Spectral souls for instance: every attack animation needs time to load, making the battles slow and frustrating.

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    Prince Valiant Guest
    May as well just keep a PSP and the UMDs around. As for Spectral Souls, you pretty much have to be playing that from the MS if you don't want to wait forever.

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    zerobde Guest
    Yeah, I'm sticking with my PS3/Xbox360... Got burned by Sony with original PSP. Not this time around!

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    Tidusnake666 Guest

    Sony: No PS Vita UMD Passport Program for North America

    Sony: No PS Vita UMD Passport Program for North America

    Sony has told Kotaku that there will not be a North American version of the UMD Passport program, which would allow PlayStation Vita users to transfer their PSP discs to the upcoming handheld.

    Sony debuted the UMD Passport program in Japan last December alongside the release of the Vita. Japanese gamers can insert their game discs into their PSPs, register them on their PlayStation Network accounts, and pay a small fee to re-download their games on the Vita.

    Unless Sony changes its mind or announces some sort of alternative option, North American PSP owners will have no way to play their UMDs on the Vita, though they will be able to access any PSP games they purchased digitally.

    I've asked Sony why it won't bring the UMD Passport program to North American customers and will update with any further news or explanation.

    Sony will release the PlayStation Vita in the U.S. on February 22. Look out for Kotaku's review in the coming weeks.

    Source: kotaku.com/5883089/sony-you-wont-be-able-to-bring-psp-discs-to-vita

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