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Thread: Sony Announces Special Launch Day PS Vita 3G / Wi-Fi Bundle

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    Sony Announces Special Launch Day PS Vita 3G / Wi-Fi Bundle

    Sony Director of Hardware Marketing John Koller has announced today news of a special launch day PS Vita 3G / Wi-Fi bundle with details below.

    To quote: With only 27 days until the launch of PlayStation Vita, we are excited to announce two PS Vita 3G/WiFi bundles.

    If you were one of the lucky consumers to pre order the PS Vita First Edition Bundle, in addition to the PS Vita 3G/Wi-Fi hardware, a limited edition case, a 4GB PS Vita Memory Card and Little Deviants game, we will now be including an AT&T DataConnect Pass good for one free 250MB session, and a PlayStation Network game - both provided upon 3G activation.

    And the best part, you still get it a week before the official launch date.

    We are happy to announce today that we will be creating an extremely limited edition PlayStation Vita 3G/Wi-Fi bundle designed to reward those who brave the cold to stand in line on February 22nd (or even those who come in the few days that follow).

    In addition to the PS Vita hardware, we will be including an 8GB PS Vita Memory Card, an AT&T DataConnect Pass and a PlayStation Network game all for the usual MSRP of $299. This SKU is part of a promotional offer and will sell out immediately so we strongly recommend that you purchase your PS Vita early to make sure you get the extra value!

    While the system is a fantastic option, the addition of 3G-network access is perfect for the gamer that wants convenience, community and connection - basically the ability to immediately socialize with your gaming community.

    3G also allows you to engage in multi-player gaming, utilize GPS location-based digital gifting, stay up to date with continuous LiveArea scores and game ranking news feeds, compete for in-game achievements, engage in PS Vita to PS3 cross-platform game play, cross-game message with Party, and have access to software updates, all while on the go. You'll also be able to login to the PS Store and download new content and add-ons for some of your favorite titles.

    There are lots of exciting updates still to come as we get closer to launch, and we will be sure to keep you posted. Our goal here at PlayStation is to transform every aspect of life into an entertainment experience. We know when you get your hands on Vita you may really never stop playing!

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    Sejuice Guest
    I wish I was one of the 'lucky' customers who pre-ordered to get the 4gb memory card and not one of the unlucky customers who get the 8gb...

    I have a 32gb for my PSP and find it too small for everything.

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    racer0018 Guest
    This sucks preordered 2 for my family. They are good for when we travel.

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    moja Guest

    Amazon is showing both of these 'hard to find' bundles/editions available for preorder. I'd be much more inclined to get the $299 one with the 8gb stick, though that's kind of moot when homebrew and third party sticks become available.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    "will sell out immediately" my bottom ... PR crap of the highest rate - they clearly see the uptake in Japan as well as preordes in US and EU are not at all as high as they've expexted or wished for

    And another nonsense about pushing the 3G models - there is nothing that WiFi only model tethered to your mobile or tablet can't do as well (and much MUCH cheaper considering those rip-off data "deals" from AT&T) including the location data (indeed less accurate as it will be using only WiFi hotspots instead of GPS but frankly I don't really need Sony to sniff my butt all the time) plus operator lock on US 3G models (the same way like in Japan) is a big NO NO - avoid!

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