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Thread: Sony Announces PSP Firmware 6.10 Update, SensMe Channels

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    Sony Announces PSP Firmware 6.10 Update, SensMe Channels

    Update: PSP Firmware 6.10 is now available, and those interested can grab it from either the PSP Firmware 6.10 (US) or PSP Firmware 6.10 (EU) server!

    Today Sony's Director of PlayStation Network Operations Eric Lempel has announced that PSP Firmware Update 6.10 is imminent, and that a new SensMe Channels will also be available.

    To quote: PSP update v6.10 will be available soon. This is a big update for us in preparation for the launch of PSPgo. New PSPgo owners should make sure to download the update to ensure full compatibility with MediaGo and with all PSP titles. Here are some of the key features we'll be introducing:


    SensMe channels is a new music application for PSP that uses Sony's proprietary 12 Tone Analysis technology to evaluate music tracks that have been imported from Media Go application on your PC to your PSP. The application automatically categorizes the tracks into 12 channels such as "Relax" or "Newly Added". Check out the walk-thru demo to see how it works.

    [viddler id=91440846&w=437&h=288]

    Media Go Enhancements

    In addition, PlayStation Store for the PSP and PSPgo via Media Go (v1.2) will be updated with a new look on Thursday, October 1. To access PlayStation Store, you need to download Media Go (or update Media Go if you already have it). Media Go is a free PC software application that allows you to easily organize and transfer music, photos and videos between your PC and PSP.

    It also allows you to access PlayStation Store and to purchase, backup and restore PSP games. Of course, you can always access PlayStation Store directly on the PSP and PSPgo by connecting to a wireless hot spot and simply logging in with your PlayStation Network ID.

    But for those of you who prefer to use a PC, you will see that downloading games, movies and TV shows for your PSP is easier than ever with the new PlayStation Store on Media Go. With this update, you'll be able to export playlist onto the PSP. Go to to download Media Go and for more details.


    Another new feature is the ability to use a bluetooth mobile device, such as a mobile phone, as a modem to connect your PSP system to the internet. This means that when you're not located close to a wifi spot you have another way to get on the internet via a bluetooth mobile device.

    [imglink=|Sony Announces PSP Firmware 6.10 Update, SensMe Channels][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    BlingOnMyWrist Guest

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    SensMe actually looks pretty damn cool. I just want to know why the hell the PS3 can't do this.

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    CyanCaze Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by BlingOnMyWrist View Post
    SensMe actually looks pretty damn cool. I just want to know why the hell the PS3 can't do this.
    SensMe isn't on the ps3 because sony for some reason thinks that the feature is unnecessary because people don't listen to music at home? From what I hear the XMB icon for music and support is just there to be there.

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    Cascade Guest
    How sad, I use my PS3 as a jukebox every day, also to load my Sony Walkman 4GB with music. Something like this on PS3 would be brilliant, although I think that having to convert the mp3s using Media Go is a pain in the ass. Why cant the psp scan the files for say a couple of hours and tag the files with metadata itself?

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    Shrink Guest

    TOO damn bad!

    I guess we won't see a CFW of that one any time soon.

    However we can already decrypt the new games

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    And what about "Don't forget to update to 6.10 so we can patch that HUGE security hole at PSPGo which we've just found out about"? ... Probably just a conspiracy theory but one never knows Anyone got (or is getting PSP Go anytime soon) around here? Would be a tough nut to crack I'd say

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