This app is totall crap - less than bare (or even skeleton) minimum:

- can't use the skype (even just for voice call) while in background
- only can receive calls while in backround and after accepting it app will switch to forefround and game / other app will pause (not working even with all games)
- if you press PS button during the call, call will terminate
- no IM / text chat
- no adding / managing contacts
- no using of the buttons / Touch Screen controls only
- no option to swich off screen during (voice) call = vasting battery / decreasing running time
- no ANY kind of settings whatsoever (groups, displaying of all or just online contacts)
- no other than "tiled" accounts view
- own video preview window way small
- no volume control in app

5 years old kid can make better apps than this pile of steaming crap.

Very VERY pathethic attemp to make Skype app