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    Apr 2005

    Sony Announces PS Vita 3.00 System Update Incoming, Details Arrive

    Following up on their previous update, Sony's Platform Marketing Manager Sharon Kapitula announced today that the PS Vita 3.00 System update is incoming with details below, as follows:

    Download: PS Vita Firmware 3.00 Update (USA) / PS Vita Firmware 3.00 Update (EUR) / PS Vita Firmware 3.00 Update (JPN)

    Hi everyone! We're releasing a new system software update for PS Vita, version 3.00.

    This update includes some great features, like a new application called PS4 Link, which - you guessed it - allows PS Vita to connect to PS4 for Remote Play and Second Screen capabilities. We're thrilled for everyone to see how PS Vita will be the ultimate companion device to PS4 through this application.

    We made a video to highlight some of the key features in this new update. Have a look!

    For an expanded list of the new updates included in PS Vita's 3.00 system software, read on:

    PS4 Link

    The PS4 Link app has been added to the PS Vita system's home screen. With this application, you can use your PS Vita to remotely control a PS4 system, and play a range of PS4 games on your PS Vita screen. When you’re playing a game on PS4 that supports second screen features, you can also display information from that game on your PS Vita and use it as a second screen.

    Parental Controls

    The Parental Controls application has been added to the home screen. You can now manage the duration of game play, and the use of games and videos that have parental controls. You can also control access to certain areas of the system, including the use of the Internet browser and Location Data.


    ŸA Panoramic Camera setting has been added. You can now take panoramic photos on PS Vita, and look around the photo by using the PS Vita's built-in motion sensor.


    The application layout for Friends has been improved. There are now four tabs:

    • Find Player on PSN
    • Friends
    • Friend Requests
    • Players Blocked


    The Group Messaging application name and icon have been changed to Messages. The application layout has also been improved, and you can now send and receive messages with friends and players on PS4 or on mobile devices installed with PlayStation App.


    The icon for the Party application has been changed. You can now voice chat and text chat with friends and players on PS4.


    You can now sync the contacts saved in your email account from services including Gmail and Yahoo! Mail. To sync your contacts, select Contact List > Options > [CardDAV Settings] > [Add CardDAV Account], and then follow the screens.

    Content Manager

    You can now use Wi-Fi to connect your PS Vita to a PS3, and transfer data between them. Your PS Vita and PS3 must be connected within the same network.‎ Also, to use this feature, the system software of the PS3 you're using must be version 4.50 or later.

    PS3 Remote Play

    The Remote Play application name and icon have been changed to PS3 Remote Play.


    You can now download future system software updates automatically.


    You can now display Trophies of PS4 software on your PS Vita. Rarity of the trophy cannot be displayed.

    More PlayStation Vita News...

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    Brenza Guest
    Nice to see a real update sometimes

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    elser1 Guest
    I rekkkon. lol

    gearing up for the ps4

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    Apr 2005

    Video: VHBL & Hello World for PS Vita FW 3.00, 2.61 VHBL Exploit Out

    Following up on the release of PS Vita Firmware 3.00, today some video footage of a VHBL and Hello World for PS Vita FW 3.00 appeared alongside a PlayStation Vita 2.61 Firmware VHBL Exploit by Frostegater with details below.

    Download: PSVita_261VHBL_Fieldrunners_EU.zip (VHBL r162 For firmware 2.61 Fieldrunners - EU Version - 1.3 MB) / VHBL r158 v2 For firmware 2.61 Fieldrunners (EU version) / VHBL r158 v2 For firmware 2.61 Fieldrunners (US version)

    To quote from Acid_Snake via Wololo: The game exploits patched by Vita FW 3.00, and how this will impact future VHBL/TN-V releases

    You may have heard of different naughty surprises that came with firmware 3.00, and you may ask what the hell this has to do with me? you may also wonder about the future of VHBL and TN-V4, I’m gonna tap on that here, but I’m also gonna explain why I think Sony has made a huge dumb mistake.

    What happened?

    Basically what happened is that around 4 games, maybe more, were secretly patched by Sony. This isn’t news, they have been secretly patching games for a while, Pool Hall Pro probably being the most famous. What’s new here is that they haven’t patched one game, they have patched 4 so far, and more and more people keep reporting private games being patched, so maybe there’s much more, who knows.

    But loosing 4 exploits is not much if you take into consideration that there’s probably more than 30 exploits in being kept under wraps. What really hurts the community here is that they made a huge change, a change that will make most exploitable games incompatible with VHBL, AND TN-V4, I’ll address that in a bit.

    What did they do?

    To understand what they did we gotta understand a crucial part of VHBL: the utilities. Loading all utility modules allowed us to have some important crucial functions available and increased compatibility a lot. What they did now is restrict the use of utilities to only the ones imported by the game, so attempting to load a utility that the game does not import a function from will result in a crash.

    Basically it all ends up with us not being able to load all utilities as we previously could, and in the end this affects compatibility with VHBL so badly that games that used to have crappy compatibility are no longer working, and games that used to have great compatibility now have a crappy one.

    What about TN-V4?

    I said this also affects TN-V4, but it doesn’t affect TN-V4 compatibility itself, it affects the amount of games that can now use TN-V4, as TN-V4 initially needs to be able to load certain utilities to access the exploitable function, and as I said, not all utilities are available to us as it used to be. Again, this doesn’t affect TN-V4 or the kernel exploit itself, once you run TN-V4, it’ll be all smooth from there, what this affects is the amount games that will be able to run TN-V4. Of course there are a few games that will be compatible with TN-V4 and we’ll release it when time is due, so TN-V4 will be released as promised.

    Now that all that is out of the way, let me explain to you why Sony has done a huge mistake. First of all, as I already said the amount of games that will be compatible with VHBL has been greatly reduced, this means if before we used to have a Ninja Release every two months or so, now devs will think twice before releasing their perfectly working, private exploit, so we will most likely see a release every 5 months or so.

    On top of that they didn’t really do anything to patch CFW, while VHBL requires most utilities to have decent compatibility, CFW will normally require one, or in the worst case scenario, none, so there will always be games for CFW.

    Essentially what they did is patch a piece of software that, instead of making losses to their business, it gave the potential for a game to sell thousands of copies, in the end they receive money and loose none. But now all these games that could have potentially sold thousands, will mostly like now sell only hundreds, or nothing at all, cause lets be honest, not everyone would have bought most previous exploits had they not have VHBL in them.

    Why they decided to do such a crappy move that will do more harm than good is beyond me, but there’s one thing I know, the Vita is already struggling, and neglecting the amount of money the scene spends buying exploitable games is not the best way to gain revenue.

    Sony patches a few exploits, VHBL and Hello World appear for Vita FW 3.00 on day 1

    The release of Vita firmware 3.00 earlier today brought several new features that The Z described to us here, but also the fear that some of the many exploits existing within the PSP emulator of the Vita would be patched.

    As expected, the latest VHBL port for the “pawa puro” exploit released a few weeks ago by Japanese developer 173210 has been patched in firmware 3.00. If you rely on this exploit to run your homebrews on Firmware 2.61, then upgrading to firmware 3.00 will make you lose the exploit.

    Maybe more importantly, The Z was initially reporting that some undisclosed VHBL ports are not working anymore on firmware 3.00.. It is very rare that Sony patches specific game exploits that haven’t been made public yet, so it was initially feared that they might have patched VHBL for good with their latest firmware.

    This was doubtful though, as The Z and KanadeEngel quickly confirmed with a working PSP Hello world on Vita 3.00:

    Dev 173210 was also quick to confirm one of his other exploits still works, and so does his VHBL port to it. As he said, VHBL dies once again (with the pawa pro exploit shutdown), only to be resurrected

    Other developers have also quickly confirmed that VHBL still works fine on 3.00. This however seems to confirm that Sony did patch two undisclosed exploits, or that some things changed significantly enough that it impacted some the VHBL ports The Z has access to.

    Of course, the big upcoming event for the scene is the release of TotalNoob’s TN-V 4, which is expected to be revealed soon along with a new game exploit, and will work on the latest firmware 3.00. I am still waiting for confirmation of his beta testers that TNV 4 still works on the latest Vita firmware, but I have no reason to believe it wouldn’t work, at this point. Fingers crossed!

    Frostegater’s Firmware 2.61 VHBL Exploit revealed ! – Get is as soon as possible !

    Earlier today was the firmware 3.00 released, and this demonic firmware fixed one of the greatest PS Vita Half Byte Loader exploits, that is was available. I am speaking of Frostegater’s FieldRunners exploit, which supports firmware 2.61 and below!

    The game should have never been released, since it is just too awesome. This was the statement of myself, frostegater and my friend Kanade Engel, the 3 people who used this exploit frequently. Sony surprised us a bit with their firmware 3.00, which fixes the awesome exploit. The exploit literally just takes ~10 seconds to boot into the wMenu, and is then ready to launch homebrews. You do not have to press a button, you just have to start the game and lean back.

    This usermode exploit supports the super nintendo emulator, SnesTyl 0.4.2 (HBL Version), PSPFiler 6.6 (HBL), Gpsp and Masterboy. It also supports a lot of other homebrews, which I do not want to list right now. This game has a pretty high compatibility, and it is even possible to exit all these homebrews without crashing the VHBL itself! (PSPFiler is the exception, quiting it crashes the VHBL. It is recommended to close the exploit game, and relaunch it, if you intend to close PSPFiler.)

    The game is available in the European PSN Store for mere 5€, takes ~30MB of space, and takes LESS than 10 seconds to boot into wMenu. The game is also available in the US PSN Store, for 5-7$. Also available in the UK, AU and other stores. It seems to be missing in asian stores.

    This video is pretty old, made around firmware 2.02, but it shows the FieldRunners exploit in action. It does not show the game itself, but I will deliver a video which shows the exploit in action. You can see that the exploit is pretty fast, accurate and damn awesome. It is a shame that such a good piece of work got fixed.

    Frostegater stated at his twitter account, that if you own the US Version of FieldRunners, that you should contact him, so he can create exploit files for the US version. At the moment there are just exploit files for the EU Version, since those were tested (by me) since firmware 1.80.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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