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    Sony Admits it Under-Supported the PSP in Favor of the PS3

    Sony's senior VP and MD for UK, Ireland and the Nordic region Ray Maguire admitted that the PSP has been 'slightly under supported' because a lot of the energy was going into projects they were doing for the PS3.

    He also revealed that there was an additional complication as the UMD model wasn't suited for third parties.

    To quote: "It was slightly under-supported, mainly because a lot of the energy was going into stuff we're doing for PlayStation 3," he explained to GamesIndustry.biz. "There was an added complication in that the UMD model wasn't brilliant for third parties, either.

    "But I think as the installed base has grown - we're now at 50 million globally - the PSP has become one of the best-selling formats ever, and I think people are seeing that they need to get back into it. I think we had a bit of a barren year last year, and this year we seem to have a bumper crop.

    "I think it's one of those formats which has just, almost silently, grown and grown and grown. Now people are looking at 3 million installed base in the UK, and seeing it's a healthy number - that they can sell product against that.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    PyroOnFire Guest
    Aaah, that's why we can use cfw on psp. They don't pay attention enough!

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    TonioLAlarcon Guest
    Yep, that or simply, they were too much confident about their product (Movies in Universal Media Disc? Ha!), without thinking that maybe Nintendo was doing the right things.

    It's a bit sad that they recognised it now, when DS has eaten the whole market.

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    intoxication101 Guest
    well considering both ds and psp can be hacked, i wouldnt find it their fault, its a portable console so they cant put allot into making them unhackable. they wouldnt be portable otherwise lol. but i think we all have known for a while that the psp wasnt getting much attention, but such is life when your the little brother of the ps3 lol

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