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    Question Is someone working on the 1.51 psp homebrew?

    hi, i have 1.51 psp, and i want to know if there is someone working on it... I WANT TO PLAY HOMEBREWS!

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    Apr 2005
    Didn't you already post a thread on this? I could have sworn you were told that you'll simply have to wait.

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    i'm just asking...

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    I feel bad for my buddy from school.
    I warned him more than 100 times do not upgrade your psp.
    He comes in the next week with 1.51.

    I bet hes kicking himself in the ass now .

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    Apr 2005
    Are there any games out yet that do the auto update to v. 1.51?? Wondering if they are booted off of the memory card if they still update the psp to the new firmware.

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    Apr 2005
    i dont think there is any games out yet that have the firmware update on them, but its going to happen eventually just hope its later than sooner.

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