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    Apr 2005

    SOCOM Fire Team Bravo Online

    Just got invited to upgrade my psp to 2.0 and participate in beta test of socom, very tempting, but since i have beeen learning to program for the PSP i dont think i'll do that just yet. i may have to get another PSP so i can get back to beta testing stuff again.

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    SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo Beta & v2.0

    Apparently I got accepted into the SOCOM PSP beta and they apparently REALLY REALLY want me to upgrade to Firmware v2.0. I'm not quite feeling 2.0 just yet.

    Have people had any luck with the UMD Run software to boot the game without upgrading. Are there any downsides to running the game like this? Will wireless still work? Buggy/Crashing?

    I don't want to have to resort to ripping the Beta UMD just to run it under FastLoader, but if it has to be that way... Anyone else here in the PSP Beta program?

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    PSP ver.2.0 Upgrade

    I have the PSP ver.2.0 upgrade and it works perfectly. I tested it on my PSP 4 a month and it didnt crash my system. The PSP ver.2.0 upgrade comes with the internet browser WORKING and the ability to change and save your photos to ur background and also the ability to send those pictures to ur friends COOL .

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    Apr 2005
    i got an invite too thanks for the heads up since i wasnt planning on checking my email any time soon

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    Its very easy to get into this with just your PC.

    Its called Browser Spoofing.

    How to do it:

    1) Get firefox:
    2) Install it.
    3) Go here in Firefox, and click on Install Now.
    4) Install the plugin, and restart firefox.
    5) In firefox, goto Tools -> User Agent Switcher -> Options -> Options...
    6) Click on the User Agents Box, and goto Add...
    7) Enter in PSP for the description, and then in the User Agent put SCEJ PSP BROWSER 0102pspNavigator
    8) Click OK -> OK, and then go back to Tools -> User Agent Switcher and click on PSP
    9) Goto and you should now be able to get in. Its a shame I dont have a login/pass, but now i've shown the 1.5'ers how to get in, someone might feel kind enough to share that infomation ^_^

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    Aug 2005
    no we get 1.52

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    how exactly do i signup for the beta in the first place :{~ i just reg'd my psp on the underground

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    This sucks I just tried to accept my invite for socom PSP beta and it says already full. What's up with this I just got the e-mail a day ago.

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    Oops I posted about the Socom beta on another forum message (bad me). Anyways I got invited too (since I am a member of the Gamer Advisory Panel). I already have 1.51 firmware which doesn't run homebrew anyways
    But, I don't know if I wanna upgrade just yet.

    What do you guys think?

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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by TheCropolite
    Its very easy to get into this with just your PC.

    Its called Browser Spoofing.
    Thanks for the info... it appears someone also made a .reg file based on the above, so I have attached it below as it may make the process easier for some people.
    Attached Files Attached Files

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