Update #3: A SNES9X Update for PSP has already been released believe it or not, with the only noticeable change being a few fps increase in speed.

Update #2: SNES9X for PSP has now been released! This is the release you have all been waiting for- confirmed to work! Right now SRAM support isn't working, you have to rename your ROMs to "ROM.SMC” to run them, and ensure the folder is called SNES9X. It also is less than half the screen (the top left corner) and runs slow (10–40 fps depending on the game), but it has SOUND and like all PSP emulators thus far is for v1.00 firmware only.

Update: After publishing a few more pictures of the emulator, Mr. MIRAKICHI's Web site appears to have been down for the remainder of the day thus far. However, he did manage to post Text Viewer v0.2 on it prior to the site going down for those interested.

Today the photo to your left was published by Mr. MIRAKICHI, the same guy who released the GameBoy Color Emulator for the PSP earlier this week. We are awaiting additional details and (hopefully) a binary release soon, however, based on the information available it appears to be a port of SNES9X to the PSP running at moderate speed, but no details as of yet if sound is implemented or not. More to come soon on this cool news!