Update #3: Today we had a bit of free time and did some ANYUMD PPF Patches which allow you to run the titles from MS with any UMD game disc in the PSP drive... those interested can grab them included in our latest PSP PPF Patch Collection 4 complete with usage Tutorials for each! Once again, post any related questions on the PSP PPF Patch Collections in our PSP Chat Forum. For those interested, WAB have shared their WAB Auto-Patch v2.5f Multi-Loader + WiFi launcher today also that includes Multi-Loader, WiFi, Overclock, and USB functionality. Enjoy!

Update #2: Today the infamous warez group iND has released PSP iND Launcher v0.1 BETA. Although it still requires you to extract your PSP game images to run them, it does include some options such as the ability to turn UMD Disc and Kernel checks ON/OFF. A PSP Hook Boot v0.10 Launcher has also been released, which offers API hook monitor and emulation for those interested.

In related news, Team PSPX have also released their PSPX Loader v1.0 BETA today. What makes it unique is that it actually patches the PSP kernel (v1.50 only for now) to allow the loading of ALL modules from a PSP Memory Stick. This essentially means that it is no longer required to preload every module, but instead simply change paths in the BOOT.BIN. It also features both Normal (press X) and Overclock (press O) boot methods. Those interested in checking them out can post all related feedback in our PSP Chat Forum- Enjoy!

Update: Due to the tremendous interest in our PSP PPF Patch Collection 2, we have now made available PSP PPF Patch Collection 3 as well with even more NOUMD PSP PPF Patches and Tutorials included! As always, feel free to post any related questions on the PSP PPF Patch Collections in our PSP Chat Forum. Cheers!

Over the weekend we had some free time so we put together our PSP PPF Patch Collection 2 for those seeking to dump their PSP UMD media and run the extracted images from a PSP Memory Stick. Also, if you missed PSP PPF Patch Collection 1 be sure to grab it now as well... more PPF Collections will follow in the future as we find time, however, we won't likely be doing any from this point forward that require a specific UMD in the drive mainly because they aren't as user-friendly (not everyone has "XYZ" game) so we will stick to NOUMD and NOUMD + WiFi PPF Patches only. Finally, remember to use PPF-O-MATiC 3.0 to patch your BOOT.BIN files per the individual instructions included with each PPF Patch. Enjoy, and if you get stuck with a specific PSP PPF Patch-related question, feel free to ask it in our dedicated PSP Chat Forum!