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Thread: Seaven Studio: Ethan: Meteor Hunter Comes to PS Vita Next Week

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    Seaven Studio: Ethan: Meteor Hunter Comes to PS Vita Next Week

    Seaven Studio Co-founder Olivier Penot announced today that Ethan: Meteor Hunter comes to PS Vita next week.

    To quote: The first day we showed you guys Ethan: Meteor Hunter, all you asked was to get a PS Vita version.

    That was a shame for the PS3 version we released back in October, and yet, you had our attention. Today we're happy to announce Ethan: Meteor Hunter will launch next week on April 15th for $9.99.

    If you're a player of great taste who already bought Ethan on PS3, then you have nothing to worry about - it's cross buy, so no extra dime to spend. To catch up, we have a wonderful opportunity for PS Plus members who can claim a 20% discount, only available for one week.

    So, why would you buy Ethan: Meteor Hunter on PS Vita? I'm sure you're very skilled gamers who like tough challenges, the "just one more try" kind, so you'll be very pleased with Ethan.

    He's a rat who has superpowers, just like the comic books we read. He can freeze time and move objects around to get through challenging platforms and mind-bending, physics-based puzzles.

    Physics based also mean that in Ethan: Meteor Hunter you can get through obstacles the way you want. Nothing is scripted.

    You might think "This seems to be a perfect match for the PS Vita" - and it is! Use the front touch screen to grab and move objects.

    The rear touch pad has not been forgotten, as you can use it to rotate objects when grabbing them with R.

    Your crowed daily commute is also a great place to kill Ethan as you can simply use buttons to enjoy the game. Yes, you will die a lot trying to get revenge on your neighbor who destroyed your house.

    Hope you guys will enjoy the game as much as we enjoyed making it! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter for the latest news. We'll be announcing our next game soon...

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    no way i heard about this game woohooo ty

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