January 24, 2007 - Today SCi predicted its revenue for the first six months of its fiscal year would raise by 40 percent. The company thanked LEGO Star Wars and Justice League Heroes for its rosy financial outlook: LEGO Star Wars has sold over 5.4 million units and Justice League Heroes over one million.

According to Gamasutra, SCi expects revenues for the first six months ending December 31, 2006 to exceed 70 million ($138.2 million), compared to 50.1 million ($99 million) at the same time the previous year. The company has not yet announced what it expects to earn in profits for the same period.

Along with LEGO Star Wars and Justice League Heroes, SCi noted strong sales of Just Cause, which also sold over one million units despite being a new property. Over one million sold means: sequel on the way.

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