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    SanDisk 2GB

    I have a question, do you guys think this 2GB Card will work with PSP. It's only 180 EURO's. So its about 218 USD.

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    Apr 2005
    Yes. That's compatible with PSP.

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    Those are British Pounds hot shot. Its like $ 326 in America.

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    Apr 2005
    some decent deals for the memory sticks at this site

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    Wow those are expensive...

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    May 2005
    F* that, I bought the 1 GB under severe reservations and the movie umds that are out I already own on DVD. It would be better for a hardware mod for the PSP that allowed for external laptop hard drive. Therefore, forcing Sony to drop prices and release media quicker and larger sizes.

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    Yeah but what if you want to play on the go, you not going to bring a hard drive with you, so much for mobile gaming huh. Right now I donít see any reason getting 1GB PRO DUO cards, since future games will most definitely be bigger in size GTA for one. I think they should find a way run software through pan drives using USB of course, those are much cheaper then those media cards and its not an inconvenience to use them. Anyway I believe it's not a bad idea to get UMD movies like Gladiator, Troy and Kingdom of Heaven; even though I can download them those UMD's have a very charming look to them.

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