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    Quote Originally Posted by 3x3cut10n3r
    They are not modified, infact they are technically unmodified PSP's, the one's that are modified can't.

    All current homebrew applications, such as the emulators will only work on PSP's with the original V-1.0 firmware, the original JAP PSP-1000K series. But will not function on the newer firmware such as V-1.5 or V-1.51, such as the US PSP-1001K or the people unfortunate enough to update. (yes, I have a JAP PSP-1000K, but unfortunatly I got it before the homebrew exploded and updated it right out of the box! )

    If you make sure that you get a JAP PSP-1000K, then you will be able to use those emulators and if you don't then you can't, for the moment anyway
    Not all the time, I got a sealed JAP PSP-1000K with firmware v1.5

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBrooster
    Not all the time, I got a sealed JAP PSP-1000K with firmware v1.5
    True, indeed. I should have explained that when I said "Original JAP PSP-1000K", I was refering to the original batch of PSP's , the 1 million or so released in Japan in December.

    Sorry for any confusion.

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