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    I'll have to agree with zzk2001 on this one. In my opinion, I prefer the UMD format for the PSP simply because it is some type of physical media format for the PSP that is not a digital download. I think they should continue the UMD format but make the plastic shell more durable and not so fragile. The convenience of having all of your games on the HDD of your portable console is nice, but I'm the kind of person who prefers to own a physical game disc of some type if I'm paying for it.

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    The thing is without 100 internet coverage teh world over, they will lose money if they go totally download only.

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    no touchscreen? it will be destroyed by nintendo and apple..

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    bc with psp? maybe able to play ps2 games? emus for it would include 128-bit generation? ...might be interesting i've also read something about a psp phone, dual analog sticks? maybe it can emulate 360 or ps3...

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    Rumors had it that the PSPhone was supposed to come out next year with 512mb ram and a 1GHZ processor, but i didn't think Sony was making a PSphone and a separate PSP2?

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