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Thread: Rumor: PSP2 Will Be Sony's Big Surprise at E3 2010

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    Rumor: PSP2 Will Be Sony's Big Surprise at E3 2010

    There have been countless PSP2 rumors in circulation, from forecasted features to the graphics chip, but according to (linked above) it appears that analysts may be correct as the PlayStation Portable 2 is rumored to be Sony's big surprise at E3 2010.

    To quote: "MCV has been informed of a significant increase in marketing spend at two key publishers for Q4 2010. At a time when the PSP is languishing in Western markets - and its most recent iteration, the PSPgo, is falling flat - it is being speculated that publishers are laying the ground for an offensive on a brand new iteration of Sony's handheld.

    Another publisher has also told MCV that it is waiting on a specific announcement from the platform holder before it can reveal of its future PSP plans until, though it did allude to the ongoing development of several unnamed titles behind closed doors.

    The PSP is currently in its sixth year on the market, and despite having undergone a number of revisions remains largely unchanged from its initial launch."

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    mark29 Guest
    6 years? wow, they must be able to do some insane quality graphics by now with the right hardware!

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    BwE Guest
    wow, yeah that's not freaking ugly :|

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    coleguilla Guest
    Well, I hope it comes with 2 analog sticks. R2 and L2 buttons would be desairable. And, with remote control on PS3, more compatibility with PS3 games (at least with those donwloaded from PSN), to be able to play PS3 games wherever.

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    inginear Guest
    that would be funny if sony came out with umd size blu-ray discs for use in the psp2. if they do come out with a new kind of media, i just hope that the new psp is compatible with the umds that i already own. oh, and no touch screen please.

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    saviour07 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by sk group View Post
    wow, yeah that's not freaking ugly :|
    I think that picture is just a concept design and not the final product tbh

    UMD backwards compatability may not be sony's primary concern with the psp2 becuase other wise it could just be seen as a new iteration of the pspGO with better hardware.

    I think what sony may want to do with the psp2 is seperate it completely from the psp and UMD and create not a new medium, but a new delivery method for games such as download only/transfer psn games via ps3/read-only memory sticks etc.

    They've already shown a lack of concern over B/C (pspGo and ps3 slim) so i believe that this will be a completely revamped psp with some familiar features but alot more to offer (iphone style apps, skype etc)

    The psp2 is a fresh start for sony in the handheld market and should probably not be thought of as an upgrade, but instead a completely new handheld altogether (basically, don't call it "psp2")

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    Warrorar Guest
    the psp was bewteen ps2 and ps3 from graphical status.

    i hope the new psp will be in near of the ps3 or similiar *dreaming*

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    Caveman007 Guest
    With the ps3 being able to be slimmed down so much and not lose anything I think that sony realy could make something close between the ps2 and ps3 graphic wise. That would be awesome.

    Even better would be if they announced ps2 games being able to be downloaded from psn to the new psp. Add another nub to that list and im sold. With the umd issue they could have you mail your umd's to them and then send you voucher codes to replace the umd.

    But i'll be glad if they only announce way better grapphics and a second nub thats all i ask for. Also another upside they have had a long time to observe the ipod touch and all that ds has to offer. This way they can upgrade and improve on what the competition has to offer. Cant wait.

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    dante489 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Warrorar View Post
    the psp was bewteen ps2 and ps3 from graphical status.

    i hope the new psp will be in near of the ps3 or similiar *dreaming*
    i think the psp was below ps2 more similar to dreamcast graphics!. anyway as it was "rumored" the new ds will have gamecube like graphics , maybe $ony will surpass the new ds in the graphics level as always so yeah! maybe the new psp can reach the graphic level of current console generation (ps3/xbox360).

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    saviour07 Guest
    the psp actually has the same ee chips as the ps2 so yeh, it is technically as advanced as the ps2 but the utilisation of that wasn't really seen on the psp tbh

    i can see sony using touch capability in the psp2 but less of a novelty feature for games and more of an on screen keyboard/navigation tool.
    app's are almost a certainty and i believe that not adding a second analog stick would be a total failure on sonys part to deliver what the consumer actually requires.

    screen-wise, i imagine sony incorporating oled tft screens so as to keep it as thin as possible but allowing for touch screen and well lit backlighting.

    ergonomically speaking, the best design will be a fold out 180 degree screen which basically allows the handheld to be a portable gaming device, and when necessary a skype/VoIP phone. however, i can imagine that being quite expensive in terms of production costs and so the final design will more likely be a thin clamshell design where it is a game console when open and a phone when closed.

    just my thoughts...

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