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    Apr 2005

    Rumor: PSP-3000 in Production, First Alleged Photos Surface

    According to forum posters at PSPChina, the long-rumored PSP-3000 in is production and will include a built-in mic, along with minor cosmetic changes.

    To substantiate their claims, one of the forum goers supplied a photo of the unit, which depicts a new button with the PS brand logo next to the two volume push buttons, in replace of the HOME button found on the PSP-1000 and 2000 series. To the right of the volume buttons is the microphone.

    Keep in mind these photos are not confirmed to be the real deal and that they should be considered rumor for now. We'll be following up with Sony to learn more about its PSP plans and get comment on the authenticity of the photos.

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    Zeronimoe Guest
    Maybe the psp 3000 got a internal Hdd. 60+gb would be really nice.

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    NeighborMike Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Zeronimoe View Post
    Maybe the psp 3000 got a internal Hdd. 60+gb would be really nice.
    a laptop HD is bigger then the psp itself.

    you're looking at something that would look like a game gear if u could do that..

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    criley87 Guest
    if they do come out, then they will probably have stepped-up protection in them i think

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    Apr 2005
    Yep, in another post these were confirmed as legitimate and coming... so we'll see if you're right soon enough I'm sure.

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