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Thread: Rumor: Logitech is Developing a PSP Go UMD Drive Add-on

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    Rumor: Logitech is Developing a PSP Go UMD Drive Add-on

    Update: PlayStationLifestyle has now confirmed via Logitech's Senior Public Relations Specialist Sarah Youngbauer that this rumor appears to be false, to quote: "This is not something that our company is working on."

    Today a rumor has surfaced that Logitech may be developing a UMD drive add-on which could be fitted to the PSP Go to enable UMD media playback.

    According to CVG, Logitech UK claim to have never heard of such a peripheral, but concede that the PSP Go UMD drive "may be something the US office is working on."

    Their US counterparts, and Sony, have yet to comment.

    To quote: "Third party peripheral company Logitech is working on a UMD drive add-on for the PSPgo, a source has told CVG.

    Neither a price or release date was given, but we were told that the device will plug into the PSPgo, allowing users to play their UMD games on the portable.

    "The only problem is that it'll make the PSP a little bulky", said our source."

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    I would put some truth into this - for a few reasons. The biggest one being that Sony and Logitech have worked together in the past on input devices - take a guess who designed the entire input subsystem on the PS3? Yep, Logitech!

    Furthermore, it keeps Sony's hands somewhat "clean", as in providing support, plus from fanboys yelling that it should have been included, etc.

    Then again, I really don't know why the PSP is still around - either upgrade it with a newer model, or kill it off, this limbo that it is in is about as sad as the new gigantic NDS!

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    Big Grin


    I never would have thought that. Thx for sharing this little secret with us.

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