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    Post ROMs working in actual emus..

    I tested just with the snes emu until now and:

    SMAS = fine 266mhz 3fr.s.
    rocn roll racing = slow 266mhz 3 fr.s.
    zelda = fine 266mhz 5fr.s.
    mario kart = slow 266mhz 3fr.s.
    yoshi sland = dont work, crash the emulator.

    I will update it soon.

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    All games tested at 333mhz and 3 fr. s with sound ON.
    Tactics Ogre - Crashed after selecting 'New Game'
    Ys IV - Plays well.
    Ys V - A bit slow but playable, I'd suggest waiting for a newer emu before trying the 'Expert' version...
    Castlevania IV - Very slow
    Chrono Trigger - A bit slow but not too bad.

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    i've found that many games need to be started with the original resolution before stretching, otherwise it's all screwed up

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    Ill add my part:

    Super punch out = 333mhz plays well
    F-zero = 333 mhz, okay but somewhat jerky with sound

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    Generally hi res games slow it down and also those with several enemies or interactive enviroments.

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