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    If you have firmware higher than 1.50, then you are out of luck. There are ways to get around it, but you would risk turning your PSP into a dead one.

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    gba emulators???

    does anybody know a gba emulator that works on v2.6? your help will be greatly appreciated.

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    For 2.6 emulators/homebrew you'll have to experiment with the GTA EBOOT Loader v0.9.6. It includes some compatibility lists, so check them out... most of us here have v1.50 though, so I'm not sure how much feedback on 2.6 stuff you'll get here.

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    annoyed with homer's uoRIN.. it works great it's just everytime I go to the menu the sound turn off on the rom I'm playing for the rest of the time, how would I fix this?

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