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    Quote Originally Posted by Cryptix
    im pretty sure ur just supposed to put the roms in the folder without the "%" at the end if u used KXploit to do it.
    You are correct sir...

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    RIN 1.29 + FF: DawnOf Souls?

    I got RIN 1.29 to work right (not hard right), and I can play Tetris DX just fine. But when i try to load up Final Fantasy 1 & 2: Dawn of Souls, i just get a black screen. Anyone know how to make it work?

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    Isn't FF1&2 a GBA title, and isn't RIN 1.29 a GB/GBC emu?

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    Haha... yeah your right. I just saw in the options that you could set it to gba mode, so I just assumed that the newer version supported gba. Since I am obviously mistaken here... leads me into my other question. I can't get Daedalian Opus (original gb game) to work on it either, the rom is fine since i can play it on my comp and my pda... but not on my psp via RIN.

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    Gameshark cheatcodes

    It says that RIN supports cheat codes. Anyone know how/what files to create a cheat file?

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    think their will be updates to the Current GBA V1.0 or do you think this is their final version ? I hope not !

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    Dunno I've tried out that new GBA emulator and it doesnt seem any 'faster' than the previous one.

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    Question help with gba emulator

    i downloaded it to my psp and when i click on it, it wont work it says corrupted data. can sum1 help me with this? yes im a lil bit of a noob with this..

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    i just dl'ed the but now i need to try to get it to work. can someone help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bl4hhhh
    It says that RIN supports cheat codes. Anyone know how/what files to create a cheat file?
    Make a text file like this (my example for oracle of ages):

    [Register or Login to view code]

    When a cheat needs multiple gameshark codes, you'll have to seperate them. Be sure to include the 2 enters after the last line or else it won't load. When you load the cheat, all cheats will be automatically activated, but you can deselect them all with one of the buttons (look at the bottom of the psp while in that menu for more info).

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