Update #2: In more PS3 news, GrandpaHomer has updated to ScanHDD v0.4.4 today. Changes include:
2007-04-30 0.4.4 Han Sooloo, GranpaHomer
> Printing of the scan position is now fixed.
> lseek command was replaced with lseek64 because for some strange reason PS3
is not capable of handling the lseek command properly when seek position=0.
> Default value for -s was changed to 2 so the scan program will now always
prompt to proceed with scanning after the size of hard drive is displayed.
Update: In PS3 news on this early Monday morning, naturesbane has released FIU (Flash Interleave Utility) v0.1.1 for PS3 at PS3Dev.PS3News.com! To quote from the ReadMe file included:
FIU ---- Flash Interleave Utility v0.1.1
By naturesbane

A program that can unify or disect two files based upon a user provided interleave_byte_count.

v0.1.1 targeted functionality: unify equal size page mode flash firmware files with page sizes of 2112 bytes or less. Specifically, assumes equal size files (currently, EOF from either input file will end output file processing after current section reads are written.)
PSP Files: Flasher XMB v0.2 For PSP, Custom Firmware v1.62 Increasing Edition C Update 2 For PSP, CiSOPlus Converter v1.0.8 For PSP, Eraser Flash v0.1 For PSP, TopMenu Upgrader For 3.30-3.40 OE For PSP, PSPXT v1.00 Full For PSP, and Custom Firmware 3.40 RCO Plug-Ins UnPacked v2 For PSP.

Once again, to kick off a new week we have another review (also mirrored at Reviews.PS3News.com) to share- this time courtesy of sticky along with the nice folks at www.ConsoleShop.com- here goes! 2

Hello, welcome to my review of the Datel 4GB PSP HardDrive. When I first received the product at my doorstep via UPS, I was kind of expecting it to be heavy due to the screenshots I saw online but when the product landed into my hands, I was totally shocked and amazed at the weight of it! Even together with the box, it felt nothing more than about 500 grams. The Datel 4GB PSP HardDrive Package comes with: 1 x 4GB PSP HardDrive, 1 x USB transfer cable, 1 x X-2 3600 mAh Battery, 1 x X-2 Battery cover, and 1 x Max Media Manager installation disc.

Above is a screenshot of the PSP 4GB HardDrive. It might look big and bulky but actually its thickness is only about 1.5 cm and its weight about ~80 grams. The HadDrive comes pre-formatted so you don’t have to format it yourself and the size I got off the HardDrive was 3,892MB. That is already very good considering nowadays, some 4GB MemorySticks give less than that amount of free space.

Attaching of the main body of the HardDrive to the PSP is pretty easy. On the HardDrive, you can see that there are 2 spokes coming out of it, those 2 spokes can be inserted into the 2 screw holes on the PSP as seen. Just give it a little push and it stays there, and when you want to remove it- give it a slight pull away (I emphasize the word away because if you pull it from the side, the spokes might break) from the PSP.

Ah... The handy X-2 battery! My PSP battery is an 1800 mAh battery so it allows for accurate comparison. Normally, a full charged 1800 mAh battery allows up to a maximum of 4-5 hours of gaming time. The X-2 battery when full charged allows up to 7-8 hours of gaming time! That’s a total increase of 100% more battery juice for users to enjoy! As I bring my PSP with me whenever I go out, that 7-8 hours of battery juice goodness is simply irresistible!

Moving on to the whole “feel” of the extra length when attached to the PSP, all I can say is “wow!” the whole shape is so ergonomic that it fits both hands comfortably! It might take a little while getting used to it, but once it does it feels like it is not even there in the first place! Some observations while using the 4GB HardDrive are occasionally longer load times, longer transfer times, heating up, and space for storing.

Longer load times: This is nothing too bad, but as a long time user of a 2GB MemoryStick, the load times of files off the HardDrive are slightly longer.

Longer transfer times: For a 400MB file, it took about 7 mins for it to transfer via USB cable to the HardDrive whereas when transferring to the MemoryStick it only took about 2 mins. Fortunately, this can easily be solved by using a memory stick reader and transferring the data to the HardDrive via a MemoryStick reader.

Heating up: When I am transferring some files to the HardDrive (large files that take quite some time). I noticed the HardDrive felt warm- possibly due to the long time period of transferring data.

Space for storing: I'm sure most of the PSP users have PSP cases like the standard PSP pouch, PlayGear Pocket, etc.. and can you guess what's the issue? Yes, if you are using the HardDrive there is no extra space for storing it! With a flexible mind, any small bag can be used to store it though.

Final Thoughts: It might look a bit pricy to you at first, but what you get is a package that allows users to make full use of the PSP's power as a multimedia platform. So what are you waiting for, grab the Datel 4GB PSP HardDrive and be amazed at what exciting uses and potential it offers to both the user and the PSP!

Reviewer's Score: (out of 10)
Performance: 8 (with about 3,892MB of free space, storing of all kinds of files is not a problem!)
Build Quality: 9 (hardware quality is great, attaches to the PSP nicely and firmly.)
Value: 9 (It is indeed much more cost-effective than a standard 4GB MemoryStick with no extra goodies.)
Comfort: 8 (Ergonomic feel gives more comfort and more grip to your hands.)
Overall: 8.5 (out of 10)