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    Arrow Recovery Flasher v1.20 for PSP out now!

    Hellcat has released an update to Recovery Flasher, a custom firmware compatible utility that allow users to perform various maintenance tasks on their PSP, from restoring flash-based content (PS Store license data, theme files) to fully re-installing 3.71 or 4.01 M33 firmware without the need of Pandora.

    Download: Recovery Flasher v1.20 for PSP

    Version 1.20 is a fairly minor release, adding a low battery indicator and a simple file browser that allows users to boot homebrew applications located in PSP/GAME from within the recovery menu. Additionally, when re-installing M33 firmware, the version string contained in the update EBOOT used is now checked for safety precautions.


    * can now install 4.01-M33-2 as well
    * installs 3.71-M33-4 now instead of plain 3.71-M33
    * comes now with an additional .ELF binary to be used from a Pandora stick (up to DDCv5, on v6 you can use the EBOOT version)
    * added a simlple filebrowser like thing for launching additional apps from /PSP/GAME
    * added option to override "battery low" warning
    * added version check of the updater .PBP used for FW extraction More PlayStation 3 News...

    A quick update: Recovery Flasher version 1.21 is now available for download. As youd expect, its a very minor release, adding support for locating updater files in both the recovery folder and root directory of the memory stick.

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