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    Realistic PSP usage on PS3 ala Super Gameboy?

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    I'm not as well versed on these things as I really should be, seeing as how this is supposed to be my field of expertise and all... but I was thinking about the possibility of using our beloved UMD movies/games on a television.

    according to gamespot, a PSP's screen resolution comes out to 480 x 272. A standard television is 640 x 480. If we stuck the psp image onto a TV, and threw a boarder around it, like Super Game Boy did on SNES, we would have PSP software running on the screen , but not at full screen.

    Of course the fact that they seem to be pushing HD shoots my theory to hell, because I believe that resolution would leave the psp picture to be very small.

    Of course $ony wouldn't want to lose their portable market to the home console, so there will, as announced, be some way of using the PSP with the PS3, so it's an added bonus to anyone who has both.

    It's very late, and I am tired. Perhaps I should stop shooting theories around until the PS3 exists in our homes.

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    Changing resolution isn't really that hard, so they wouldn't need a border. For instance, I play PS1 games through epsxe at 1600x1200 when the ps1 normally functions at 320x240 (lower than the psp). For that matter, I play Super Gameboy games at 640x480 on my xbox without a border. I think that the borders were either the companies being lazy or for novely effect.

    My idea for psp and ps3 was that the psp should wirelessly stream the game to ps3 and also act as a controller, while the ps3 upscales the images and displays them on the tv.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kraken
    the ps1 normally functions at 320x240

    WOW! I had no idea! That's like, little internet video quality. haha!

    Thanks for the input folks. Good to know this is possible

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    well if the UMD games can be played on a PS3 I think the system it's self will pump power into cleaning up the picture. Look at the current ATI cards that let you run 2 at once. Instead of performance gains you get a better pitcure. The PS2 made PS1 games look better so, I'm guessing the PS3 will do the same and in a better way.
    So whay play PSP games on the TV? Because sometimes you want the full size control and big sound.

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    i dont believe the PS3 will support UMD playback, but i hope they do


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