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    RealBoy Vita (Game Boy / CGB / SGB Emulator) & NES4Vita (NES Emulator)

    Following PlayStation Vita homebrew news of the Vita Homebrew Loader, this weekend developer xerpi released a RealBoy Vita (Game Boy / CGB / SGB Emulator) and SMOKE released NES4Vita (NES Emulator WIP) based on Libretro QuickNES core for Sony's PS Vita handheld gaming console.

    Download: realboy_fixup.elf / realboy.velf / realboy-vita-master.zip / RealBoy Vita GIT / NES4Vita.velf / NES4Vita.velf (v0.2) / NES4Vita.elf (v1.0) / NES4Vita.elf (v1.1.1) / NES4Vita-master.zip / NES4Vita GIT

    From xerpi via Twitter: Finally got the Realboy (GB/GB Color/Super GB) emulator working!

    How to use it:
    • Using FTPVita, transfer roms to cache0:/VitaDefilerClient/Documents/ ( you can even create another subfolders in here, like “GameBoy Roms” or “GameBoy Color” )
    • Drop realboy_fixup.elf on run_homebrew.bat, a menu should load
    • Navigate to the rom you want to play and press X/Start
    • Go back using Circle
    • In the game, press Start to Pause and Unpause the game

    Additional info:
    • Press L + triangle to change games ( you will be returned to the menu )
    • Saves are stored in cache0:/VitaDefilerClient/Documents/realboy/saves
    • Compatible roms in the menu are written in green, and other files ( such as uvloader.log ) can’t be launched ( to prevent crashes )

    From SMOKE via Twitter: Thanks to xerpi & frangar Here is the first look at #NES4Vita

    As said before, I know #NES4Vita has problems. I only released it because people kept bugging me. No free time for next few days. Just relax.

    How to use it:
    • Rename the NES rom you want to play to “rom.nes”, then transfer this rom to cache0:/VitaDefilerClient/Documents/rom.nes using FTPVita.
    • After that, run NES4Vita.velf by dropping it on run_homebrew.bat.

    v0.2 BETA Changes:
    • Now includes rom selector and menu by xerpi.
    • You will encounter issues, that's why this is still in beta. I am working on fixing them.
    • Recommended to use VHL for now.

    v1.0 Changes:

    From SMOKE587: Since I'm not getting very far with private testing, I've decided to release NES4Vita to the public.

    To install roms: FTP roms to cache0:VitaDefilerClient/Documents/ They can be in a subfolder if you wish

    • Improved stability
    • The sprite related bug has been fixed
    • Added FPS counter

    If you find a bug, send me a DM on Twitter. So, 60 FPS is the max #NES4Vita can go. I tried bumping it up some more just because, but it doesn't go any faster. Continuing work on #NES4Vita tomorrow. List of things to look at:
    • Unl & Jpn roms not working
    • Zapper Lightgun
    • Graphics glitch in some roms

    v1.1.1 Changes (Audio Support):
    • Fixed the audio buffer overflow that caused all roms to crash at some point.
    • Improved system stability during the use of some features
    • Changed menu start path. Now you can place your roms anywhere.
    • Added menu scrolling
    • Increased the screen size ( same scale )
    • Added audio support ( Not perfect, but works )
    • Changed emu exit combo to L Trigger + R Trigger + Up Dpad + Triangle
    • Added splash screen for the Revitalize homebrew competition

    Known bugs:
    • On some roms the left and right edges of the screen will swap sides creating a somewhat distracting glitch, but is playable.

    Update: In related PlayStation Vita homebrew news from SMOKE5 also comes VitaButtonTester and VitaKeyTester applications with details below.

    To quote: I created this because someone had requested it a week or so ago. I had almost forgot about it completely until I thought about it early this morning. It has been nearly 24 hours ago and it has progressed quite quickly. Now it is ready to be entered into the Revitalize competition.

    Download: VitaTester.velf / v1.1.zip / v1.1.tar.gz / VitaButtonTester.velf / v1.0.2.zip / v1.0.2.tar.gz / VitaButtonTester.velf / v1.0.1.zip / v1.0.1.tar.gz / VitaKeyTester.velf / v1.0.zip / v1.0.tar.gz / GIT

    Simply press buttons one at a time to test if they are correctly working.


    VitaTester v1.1 (via github.com/SMOKE5/VitaTester/releases/tag/v1.1)

    Changes since last release:
    • Complete redesign
    • Added proper analog measurement
    • Added front and rear touch panel detection

    VitaButtonTester v1.0.2

    Changes since VitaButtonTester v1.0.1
    • Added left and right analog support
    • Entered into the Revitalize homebrew competition

    VitaButtonTester v1.0.1

    Changes since VitaKeyTester v1.0
    • Renamed project to VitaButtonTester since it has nothing to do with Vita private keys
    • Fixed exit combo
    • Updated coordinates of text on screen

    VitaKeyTester v1.0

    Someone had contacted me a week or two ago asking if there was any key tester homebrew for the Vita yet. Unfortunately, I don't remember who this was, but I did find the time to create it for him.

    So, to that person, here you go. Press keys one at a time and it should display in the middle of the screen which key it detected (if any).

    I may add analog stick testing to this later at some point.

    More PlayStation Vita News...

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    Tasmeem Guest
    thank you for these !

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    windrider42 Guest
    Wow great job guys.

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    sc30428 Guest
    exciting! very nice

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    hannosto Guest
    That's a nice one. Thanks for the info

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    azoreseuropa Guest
    It would be nice of they are at the full screen without stretch them.

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    NekoDako Guest
    That's awesome. I hope this means that a Vita CFW might be happening.

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    DAYBR3AK Guest
    Wow I searched a long time after this and now it is there... thank you so much guys!

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    Jakub7777777 Guest
    Good job! That's awesome news.

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    atk Guest
    Thanks for the emus!

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