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    Thanks a bunch!

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    Comics on PSP?

    Is it possible to view/read comics on the psp? If so, which program can I use. Thanks.

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    comics in what format? jpg?

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    just incase you don't know you can just unrar cbr and you'll just get a bunch of jpegs. i didn't like the cbr program on my computer so whenever i get any cbr's i just unrar it to get the jpegs. or you can just change the "cbr" extension to "rar" and unrar it that way. i believe its much easier to read the comics and much easier to edit jpeg files too.

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    I haven't tried a lot of ways, but converting my manga scans using PSPhoto and then viewing thru PePViewer works wonders. You can even play mp3s while viewing the comic. comes with bookmarks too..

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    Yep, PePViewer is nice. I batch convert my manga using IrfanView and save to 4bpp PNG (mainly to save space on the memory stick). Now if only PePViewer had zip or rar support. That would save me a bit more space since allocation units on FAT16 are relatively big.

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    Comic2PSP is a nice app.

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