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    Registered User keyboy's Avatar
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    Re-create ISO help needed

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    Sorry. Im totally newbie. i've Extract iSO (GTA) for mod. but i don't know how to re-create iso on umdgen? :??

    please help me.

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    It's quite simple actually... open the iSO in UMDGen v2.00, and look in the \PSP_GAME\USRDIR\PRX2_0_0\ directory and you will see (2) subdirectories named KMOD and MOD. Inside each of these folders are PRX files, so click on those and press the DELETE key on your keyboard to delete them from the image (the PRX files, not the directories).

    Then, just drag and drop in the replacement (1.5/decrypted) PRX files in their place, and select SAVE and once the iSO image finishes saving you're done!

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    You'll need to read the lengthy thread in the PSP section to learn that or get the Tutorial for it in the PSP Tutorials STICKY thread there, as this area is only for UMDGen issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jedi Watchman
    How do you extract the iso from the game? I still can't figure this out. Someone please help as I understand everything past the initial step! Thanks.
    you can use any software that extracts iso like power iso or even winrar can do it i think

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    Okay. My first post, and I'm going to go for broke. I've made frequent use of the search function, so if I've missed the answer to this elsewhere I was simply unluky in my searching.. or dumb. >_> In any case, if I have missed the answer elsewhere, I do apologize.

    I have the original, untouched iso of Naruto Narultimate Portable as well as the three folder/RunUMD fix. I have UMDGen V2.01. What I am attempting to do is rebuild the ISO properly, so that it will work with DAX Loader/RunUMD in iso format. I can open the iso in UMDGen, and I can remove the update folder. However, I can't seem to find the place to replace the prx files with the ones in the fix. They just don't seem to be there. I did look for \PSP_GAME\USRDIR\PRX2_0_0\ as was suggested earlier in this thread, but was unable to find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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    They should be in the KMOD and MOD folders in the path mentioned above... another thing you can try is to generate a FileList.txt with UMDGen or iSOBuster, and then check to see if they are truly IN your image and where exactly, or if they are not showing at all on the FileList.txt then it may be a bad or ripped image.

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    I did as you mentioned and created a file list using UMDGen. I found a total of seven prx files in \PSP_GAME\USRDIR\modules\ , however they're all very basic, audiocodec, mpeg, mpegbase and the like. Also, They don't match with a SINGLE prx file included in the fix, in the X folder. Assuming that the iso that I have is indeed bad or ripped, is there a way for me to add in the proper prx's from the fix and still make a workable iso, or am I better off going hunting again?

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    PS3 Directions Buttons

    I think maybe we're both getting confused as the guy earlier in this thread was talking about GTA vs. NNP, but after taking another look at the Naruto Nultimate Portable (JAP) NO UMD FiX you should only have to replace the PRX files found in the FiX in: narutonp\USRDIR\modules

    These are: audiocodec.prx, libatrac3plus.prx, libfont.prx, mpeg.prx, mpegbase.prx, sc_sascore.prx, and videocodec.prx.

    Replace those with the ones in your image (in \PSP_GAME\USRDIR\modules\) and rebuild, then use the X folder as other folders included in the FiX normal. You should be good to go then, no need to hunt down the MOD/KMOD folders for NNP!

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    Help generate iso with multiple psp_game folders

    I tried to recreate the iso but i have more than 1 psp_game folder and umd_data files. Could someone tell me what to do?

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    You should only have one PSP_GAME folder for each PSP game... not sure what to tell ya, if you have more than one either you have dupe files or are mixing game image files up perhaps. :??


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