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    Registered User Tavin's Avatar
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    One last question before I build the ISO. I would still remove the update folder, correct? But leave the boot and eboot pbps?

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    Correct, and yes you can remove the update folder to save space if you wish.

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    Excellent. It took a few tries, as UMDGen is prone to shutting down on me and copying the files I drag and drop into it multiple times, but I finally got it saved and working flawlessly. Thank you so very much for your help! I'll keep my eyes and ears open to see if I can learn more about how this all works, then perhaps I can return the favor some day.

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    Create GTA LCS ISO

    HI There,

    Newbee, Just wondering how to create an ISO from original GTA LCS umd?


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    You'll need to first dump your UMD to your Memory Stick... which we don't cover in the UMDGen Forum. Check THIS thread for the info and tools used to do it, and there is also a PSP UMD Dumping Guide in the STICKY thread for UMD Dumping as well.

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    I found the KMOD and the MOD you mentioned. I was just wondering what is the 1.5 prx files? Do I replace the KMOD and MOD folder? I'm just a little confused at that point... thanks!

    I'm new here by the way =P Nice to meet you all!

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    yeah i have the same problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by wty4ka
    i have a load of games that have been extracted, and hookboot was used back in the day to load them so no UMD_DATA.BIN for remaking ISO

    any suggestions?
    Use UMD_DATA.BIN from another game- but open in a hex editor and replace that games ID with your games' ID.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wty4ka
    thanks for the help but which one is the game ID is it the UCES-01010
    or is it the bit after with all the numbers

    because i have oppened various UMD_DATA.bin s with notepad and they seem to have the same format of ""ULUS-10061|22C513088BFE8509|0001|G |"" (tokobot) so which bit is the GAME ID?

    Thanks a lot for your help UMDGen!
    Replace the highlighted text:
    ""ULUS-10061|22C513088BFE8509|0001|G |""

    If you open the games PARAM.SFO file in a hex editor you will see the correct game ID for that game.

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    I suspect you are using a 'pre-patched' BOOT.BIN file. If you open the BOOT.BIN in a hex editor, search for 'fatms:' and it produces matching text then the BOOT.BIN has been patched - you will need to replace every instance of 'fatms:' to 'disc0:' if there is a folder name other than PSP_GAME after fatms: then that will need to be changed also.

    Example: fatms:/ALPHA/ would need to be changed to disc0:/PSP_GAME/


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