Since everyone's been posting game reviews here and there, I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread devoted to reviews. (Sorry if theres another, but I couldn't find it.) Please limit your reviews to games you have played. If you happened to only play it, say, without sound , or couldn't get passed the loading screen, it don't count
Also, feel free to counter-review anyone elses review (gamespot included), but be nice.

Wipeout Pure 5/5

I've been a long time fan of Wipeout since the PS1 days, before we called it PS1. Wipeout 3 was one of my favorites, but when the series came to PS2, it had lost alot of what made wipeout great. Wipeout Pure is a kickback to the old Wipeout games, with better graphics than its PS2 predecesor. It's a very fast racer with futuristic craft, weapons, and arenas. The game is accompanied by a great techno electronica soundtrack, as always. The design of the tracks is far superior to those found in Fusion. Also, occasionally there are upgrade packs from the internet with extra tracks and skins. This is the game I play when I'm showing off my PSP.

Need For Speed Underground Rivals 2/5

While this game does have some redeeming factors, overall, it's a letdown. I'm a big fan of the first Underground, so I was expecting alot more from this. It's got a bunch of cars that look great, and you can upgrade their performance and appearance. Be warned, equiping the wrong visual upgrade on certain cars will make them scrape the ground on turns.

The game lets you race on a handful of different tracks with variable modes. Beyond a few variations on circuit racing, theres a terrible drift mode, a racing mode that puts you in smaller indoor circuits, and the two gems, drag and nitrous run. Drag is the same as before. You control gear shifting and lane changing in a race against 4 opponents. Nitrous run puts you on the regular circuit tracks with added "nitrous gates". You use all your nitrous to go faster to get to the next gate in time, and each gate replenishes your nitrous supply. The goal is to reach a certain number of gates. This mode is very fun, but there are only so many missions available. Once you beat them all, they're done.

I thought the soundtrack was godawful. Alot of groups I've never heard of who can't sing, etc. Lame rap. I could go on, but I'm sure this is what the kids are listening to now, so I'll let it go. I limited the number of tracks played from over 30 to about 5.

I just traded Need for Speed in to get some other PSP games. NFSUR was one of the more pricey PSP games, and I feel it had been rushed onto the shelves. It's a mediocre racer at best. I finished it in 3 weeks. Also, I should note that I bought the game because the back of the box claimed the game supported infrastructure play, but it did not.

Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 4/5

I've been a fan of this series since it's inception on the PS1. This game is only missing 2 things. Online play, and a single PSP multiplayer mode. That said, HSG looks better than HSG3 on the PS2, and it plays a little better too. It's easier to hit a perfect shot with the enlarged power meter. I love the addition of customizing my character. The characters in these games are always so cute. The last 2 on PS2 shyed away from cuteness a bit, but this game is the return. I picked HSG up used with Coded Arms when I traded in NFSU2 yesterday. I'm playing this game non stop, even when I'm at home, which I don't usually do with the PSP. It's probably my most accessible game. You can just pick it up and play a few holes, then stop. Go to sleep mode. Pick it up later. I've stopped writing 3 times to sink a few holes. It's addictive as the others, but now you can carry it around. If you're into this kind of thing, obviously this game is for you (i guess that statement is a bit redundant though).

rating suffers because of lack of online/singlepspmulti

Coded Arms 4/5

I've played about 5 hours of this so far. I hit this up before HSG, and played it on the way home on the bus, which is hard, while standing, let me tell you. The first thing I need to address is that, yes, this is an FPS, and, as reviews have stated, it's a little hard to control at first. The control setup is a bit like Goldeneye. analogue to move and turn, face buttons to look and strafe. I've since reversed this, but the controls are remappable from the pause screen. If you're looking for a Halo killer, this ain't it. This is a very straightforward game. Story is all out of game. Not sure there is one beyond the premise. Let me just say this. If you were going to run Doom or Quake on the PSP, this is better looking. Same sort of game. Walk around, kill stuff, find the key and then the exit. Graphics are awesome. This will be my new show-off game. The folks on the bus were quite impressed.

I didn't give it a 5/5 though. It doesn't have infrastructure play. If it did, I'd be playing that right now instead of typing this/golfing. As far as FPS's go, it's nothing overly sophisticated. They couldn't have gotten away with releasing it for PS2 as originally planned, but I think it works well as a Portable game. It's pretty accessible. No deep story or mission objectives to , erm, get in the way(?) It's some fun stuff. I'm very impressed what they pumped out of this machine.