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    Quote Originally Posted by modman12345 View Post
    Apparently the game will boot under the various OE-A firmware, but the CPU speed has to be set at 266MHz.

    If anyone figures out how to enable 333MHz in OE-A, let us all know!
    Mine worked with 333mhz, 3.10 OE-A2

    Quote Originally Posted by fabiobad85 View Post
    Work for me with 3.10 oe-a2 but when i select multiplayer mode (Infracsture) the game freeze...
    Mine did as well...:??

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    I wanna kill all the foreign audio. which directory is english?

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    Does anyone know if this works with 3.03 OE-C? I'm in the process of getting this as I type. Just wanted to know so I can prepare the PSP for the upgrade if it needs it. Thanks

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    I am running 3.03 oe-c, the file size is 916 mb.

    When I try to launch game it goes to black screen.... So no luck here.

    Also how do I go about change the speed of the system using this fw?

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    This works for me on 3.03 OE-C @ 300 and 333mhz, but not 266.

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    how do you change the speed which button do you press thank you

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    hi there!

    just press and hold R-button before switching on the psp then you'll be prompted to the recovery menue where you can set the cpu speed etc.

    that helped for me playin' ratchet and clank now (i got 3.03-oe c @ 333mhz).

    hope i could help. bye!


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    same here. it wasnt working at 266, but i went into recovery mode and changed it to 333 and now it works! yay!

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    thank you im using 3.03 oe-a and when i press the r button and go to cpu speed it says not yet do i have update my f/w to 3.10 oe something

    thank you for your helps guys

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    Works for me on 3.03 oe-c with 266 cpu settings.

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