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    Thumbs Up Rapala Trophies PSP

    If you liked Sega Bass Fishing on the Dreamcast then you will love this - Rapala Trophies on the PSP follows a similar format to Bass Fishing gameplay wise but with more types of fishing available. Over 500,000 acres of the world's water with extremely realistic fish. This game is highly addictive and very de-stressing. Not the normal kind of game I would play but I'm hooked (excuse the pun!)

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    Apr 2005
    HAHA... nice feedback, saves us from fishing for answers!

    I added it to our Master Game List, and gave you a Thumbs Up too!

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    LOL I dunno which pun was the worst? Mine or yours... only codding

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    If you played thee pc game it is basically the same, but it has a few more features. I agree its fun and thought the graphics were well done.

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    The graphics look great, l can't stop playing the game, almost as good as fishing for reel

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    Mar 2006
    I played this game yesterday its was alright not the best of game, but at least its different, than racing or shooting something.

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    Nice game --- a little quirky on controls though, takes a bit of learning to grasp the intricacies of getting a big one.

    Good for the un-initiated (like me ) in fishing who wants a first hand look (without the sunburns and getting wet) at what this sport is all about.

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    I love this game, and love it when the dude with you tells you that you almost hit him if you make a cast not very worthy. I was out fishing for real today and was playing this, got more fish caught on the psp then in real life!

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