RacePSP can now be added to the ever-expanding library of emulators for PSP. RacePSP, developed by Flavor, emulates both the original Neo-Geo Pocket (NGP) and Neo-Geo Pocket Color (NGPC) using SDL.

Download: RacePSP: Neo-Geo Pocket Emulator for PSP

Keep in mind that this is the initial release. As such, the author notes that users might experience graphical and audio glitches with a select few ROMs.

Known issues:

Big Bang Pro Wrestling
- Graphics problem at the character select screen.

Crush Roller
- Crush Roller appears to have some glitching in the "Collection" screen choosable from the game's main menu. The randomized things the creatures (that you've captured while playing the game) say are glitched sometimes in the collection screen; with odd solid blocks or discolored flipped/glitched text appearing in the speech bubble.

Delta Warp
- The 'R' in "RECORD" and the 'C' in "CLEAR" get cut off

Dive Alert
- Corrupted graphics on the intro as the characters scroll past Evangelion style.
- Glitches corrupt the intro scroll text.

Ganbare Neo Poke Kun
- When you win a Mini-Game in ganbare, there is a "3D" message "Congratulations" that is missing.

KOF Battle de Paradise

- When you finish a mini-game in KOF Battle de Paradise the big "3D" spinning coin does not appear.
- Graphics problem when the games begins at the first launch of the dice.

Metal Slug 2nd Mission
- Various problems with digitized audio (including missing weapon voices).
- No voice on Metal slug 2 when you take a new weapon like "Heavy Machine Gun!"
- Items appear through the status bar. This is especially apparent in the missions where you're using a jetpack. (After getting shot down in the jet.) The items that are hidden behind the clouds are visible when the screen scrolls the status bar past where they are hidden.

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