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    Question Question: Will this work?

    Well, I just realized that I'm able to use the KXploit with my 1.5 PSP. Wahoo! Super Mario World on my PSP! Anyway, I was thinking of if something would work or not, but please hear me out and let me know what you all think (this is about how to load a UMD game rip): Get UMD Dumper, a big enough mem stick (1 GB or less, for the smaller games), make an ISO of it with UMD Dumper, take the ISO on your PC and extract it, turn the PBP into a boot file with KXploit, and then put the rest of the files in? Kind of a roundabout way, but if it works, it works... has anyone tried this with an adequate stick and one of the smaller games, like Lumines or Darkstalkers maybe? Oh well, please let me know... all help is appreciated!!

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    Don't have a bigger-than-32mb stick to test it with, which is why I haven't yet. Thanks for the input. Any guess on when "very soon" is for doing those dumps like they said in the KXploit NFO?

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