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    Apr 2005

    PSVeeter v0.1 - PlayStation Vita Homebrew Utility is Released

    Today PS Vita developer Phexe has released a tool for viewing / deleting backed up PlayStation Vita content (via Content Manager Assistant) along with the related source code.

    Download: PSVeeter v0.1 / PSVeeter v0.1 (Source Code) / .NET Framework 4.0 (Required)

    To quote: What can it do at the moment?
    • View

    1. PlayStation Minis
    2. PlayStation Portable & Save Games
    3. PlayStation Vita Games & Apps
    • Delete Individually via Right clicking name
    • Shows the Title, the Playstation ID Code and the Size of the Game/App
    • Automatically retrieve the path to your Vita Directory from Registry
    • If Sony’s Content Manager Assistant is not installed or set up, you can specify a directory to use

    Known Issues
    • Has trouble deleting item if Icon is in use by windows explorer. You can rememdy this by either restarting your PC or Explorer.exe (Windows Issue)

    Coming Soon (Todo List)
    • Add more details from the local SFO file to the information box on the right. Ie./ Tech details.
    • Maybe add Web information retrieved from gaming sites or just links to product pages

    * Requires .Net 4.0

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    hitmancn47 Guest
    Thank You Phexe. Everything just keeps getting better.

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    Apr 2005

    PSVeeter v0.2b - PlayStation Vita Homebrew Utility Update Arrives

    Following up on his initial release, today PlayStation Vita developer Phexe has updated his PS Vita homebrew utility PSVeeter to version 0.2 Beta with the changes outlined below.

    Download: PSVeeter v0.2b / PSVeeter v0.2b (Source Code) / .NET Framework 4.0 (Required)

    To quote: New in 0.2b:
    • MONO Compatible!! – Using Mono will allow Mac OSX users and Linux users to run PSVeeter!
    • To use in MacOSX or Linux simply install the MONO framework – go-mono.com/mono-downloads/download.html
      then run by either terminal ‘mono PSVeeter.exe’ or using the included shell script!
    • Overhauled Loading (Should be quicker)
    • Overhauled Deleting (Should work in 99% of cases now, unless Explorer has locked a directory)
    • Will not repeatedly ask for a directory everytime, it now stores the selected Directory (PSVeeter.ini). This prevents MacOSX and Linux users from going insane
    • Added in support for newer SFO Files (Should recognise more games now)
    • Corrected my Size handler
    • ‘Collapse All’ button now toggles to ‘Expand All’
    • Loading/Splash/About Screens
    • Started adding in Language support (Should be ready for 0.3)

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