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    PSPx & PCSX for PSP coming; MUPSP arrive!

    Update: PacManFan has released his highly-anticipated PS1 emulator PSPSOne DEMO Test Release. He states that it is hard-coded to run the pdx-dlcm.psx, and has included other demos as well. Currently, it only runs at about .5 fps @ 222mhz. To quote: "The emulation is really slow at this point, I'm still working on getting my recompiler to function properly (or at all). Once the recompiler is working, I expect to see a huge jump in performance. After that, I'll replace the GPU software rendering with the GE calls to hardware blit 2d triangles."

    To begin, xwd is working on PSPx, a PSP Emulator for the PC. He comments on his progress thus far as follows: "Puzzle Bobble is completely playable at around 5-8 FPS.. Mercury almost gets in-game.. and Ridge Racers stops. Basically it's just an allegrex/fpu/vfpu interpreter, with native mode library implementations.. HLE like.. Some audio functions have been done, and quite a lot of 3D stuff done.. All rendering is currently done in software. I really think it's enough for now.. Currently I'm cleaning up the code abit, and trying to fix all those remaining bugs.. Not really sure if I should give it out, because it runs some commercial games in addition to most of the homebrew stuff around."

    Next up, PacManFan has been working on getting the open-source PCSX PlayStation emulator to run on the PSP. He still isn't sure of the title (perhaps PSPSOne or PSPcsx), but what he can confirm is as follows: "1) it runs at about 1fps in the emulator, 2) No, I haven't put it on my PSP yet, I'm still at work, 3) No, I haven't tried Game XYZ on it yet, 4) No, there is No sound, No controls, No way to specify ROMs yet, and 5) After a little cleanup, I'll make the code available."

    Finally, earlier today the world-renown MUPS (Most Ugly PlayStation Sceners, now PSP sceners too! keke) have released several "NO UMD WIFI WORKING" EBOOT.PBP launchers with BOOT.BIN file replacements such as the one detailed in this NFO File. Needless to say we can't host them here as they contain (c) BOOT.BIN files, however, we may work on a PPF Patch File Collection of them for the site in coming days so stay tuned, and be sure to send all felicitations to the great MUPSY of course!
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