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Thread: PSPlorer v1.5 File Manager with WiFi Connectivity released!

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    PSPlorer v1.5 File Manager with WiFi Connectivity released!

    pspZorba has updated PSPlorer today, an all-in-one file management utility for PSP that allows users to browse the directory tree of their memory stick or the PSP's flash memory.

    Now at version 1.5, the application allows users to transfer files and folders across multiple PSP units via standard WiFi connection. In addition to multi-language support, other notable enhancements include the ability to extract EBOOT files and modify the application's colors by editing a configuration file.

    Download: PSPlorer v1.5 File Manager


    * File and directory transfer from PSP to PSP via WiFi (utilizing a wireless access point). If behind a router, you will need to use port forwarding (the port used by PSPlorer can be modified by editing the config file PSPlorer.txt which is generated at the first run)
    * EBOOT file extraction.
    * PSPlorer now supports multi-languages. To add additional languages, create a new text document and translate the included english.txt file, line by line. Once finished, place the name of the file next to the tag [langiageFileName], which can be found in the PSPlorer.txt configuration file.
    * Application colors and WiFi port can be changed in the PSPlorer.txt configuration file.

    Take note that if you connect to the Internet through a router, port forwarding may be necessary in order to utilize the newly added WiFi file transfer functionality. As usual, usage and installation instructions can be found in the included readme file.

    [imglink=|PSPlorer v1.5 File Manager with WiFi Connectivity released!][/imglink]

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    vegita8888 Guest
    I really like this program. It files, transfers and even dumps in cso. The layout is a little tricky to get used to at first but like anything else it just takes time.

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