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    PSPins/GameFront assistance thread

    there isn't a topic thread for PSPins v1.0r2 yet, as it was just released, so in posing my question this thread could as double as the PSPins v1.0r2 thread.

    i've read the readme over a few times, tried to make sense of some of the more complicated terminology and general purpose of this program. while it seems to offer some amazing options, due to the complexity of the terminology i still don't truly quite understand exactly what it does. may i ask someone who does understand the readme to create a list of what exactly this program does? thank you!

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    Sometimes a picture is worth 1,000 words... basically it's a GUI that allows you to transfer images to and from your PSP MS (add/remove them). I attached a picture of it below being used to help illustrate this.
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    thanks for the reply.

    i don't quite understand it's usage still. you mention it facilitates transfer of images to and from, but how is that different from simply using Windows Explorer to transfer from pc hdd to psp ms? (aside from the fact the pspins GUI has the game UMD cover image for each game title) do you mean it will move the iso in extracted form to the MS? thank you for your help

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    i dont understand why Mercury isnīt listed in the program? Has the author forgot it or what?

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    it kinda sucks cuz you have to have the same name he put on the hard-coded path, on your iso for it to work.

    at least i couldnt get it working w/ mine. :stickpoke

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    A tutorial page is now available in v1.2.

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    does not work for me, i can copy a psp iso and background to my psp in about 2 mins. this program just says file not found no matter what settings u change, u can tell it where you iso is but it wont find it.

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    app still needs to maybe say Uninstall on button instead of Install when game is actually on the stick already... and a lil in game iso manager to delete isos would be nice instead of loading over to explorer.... cause honestly if you need to do explorer you might as well copy the games in explorer and not need the app

    app is good start though

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    If you ask me you can do everything with this program.. without this program.

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    i third that. it seems absolutely pointless to me unless you're a n00b who likes to see pretty images of stuff you upload and too lazy to do a bit of manual labor. this is a bit like qwix for avalaunch on xb but qwix has:

    o ftp
    o images
    o total game management
    o iso creation
    o creation of iso from xb hd to pc hd
    o tons tons more....

    this is what we should try to emulate in the future once the devs solve that damn fw problem.

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