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Thread: PSPGo Already Getting UnOfficial Price Cut in UK, Sales Increase

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    RadioactiveSoup Guest

    PSPGo Already Getting UnOfficial Price Cut in UK, Sales Increase

    It's only been a few days since the release of the PSPGo and the console is already getting an unofficial price cut in the UK.

    Numerous reports indicate that a number of retailers have already slashed the price of the system, as follows:

    UK retailers have already started dropping the price of PSPgo, with Amazon, Play, GAME and HMV now selling the machine for 199.99.

    It was 224.99 when it launched last week.

    SCEE said earlier today that PSP hardware sales have risen since PSPgo released on October 1st.

    According to Eurogamer, Sony announced a PSP sales increase of 120 per cent following the launch of the PSPgo, although the new model only matched the existing PSP-3000 in terms of units shifted over the weekend.

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    m3cki Guest
    200 is still too much. the pspgo doesnt has the feeling of a "real" psp. i testet one on the gamescom in germany. the buttons are really bad, i cant imagin to play for a long time with that.

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    Cascade Guest
    No the GO is the 'REAL' PSP. Why do I say this? because its PORTABLE!!! The new unit is great, super slim, and the buttons are fine, have a nice sensitive but definite click to them. You can put it in your pocket or bag and its very tiny.

    The Go is a great PSP, possibly what the Slim n Lite and 3000 should have been had SONY decided not to continue to support the UMD, or rather the re-packaged MINIDISC format (which incidentally I think they should continue to support).

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    wwywong Guest
    In my opinion, I think PSPgo is too small. Yes it is portable, supposed to be small, but there is a fine line between being small, and being playable. (I've thought the same thought toward iPhone) I am playing psp fat and even the distance of fat between left and right hand are already too close for long time playing.

    I often get cramps if I play too seriously (button smashers, driving games, etc.). I cannot imagine being able to play on PSPgo for more than one hour. For casual gamers or puzzle gamers, it might be ok, but for intense and hardcore players, PSPgo is definitely "not" a go.

    I am Asian, and I am not a big guy with big hands. I've often imagine the funny image of a big guy playing with PSPgo. His fingers are gonna be jammed together after a while. And that analog "stick" (I don't even think of it as stick) is even more of a joke. I am not a fanboy of fat psp or slim psp, but let's face it.

    As cool looking as the PSPgo might seem, you gotta admit there is something seriously wrong with the design. I would be more accepting if the "sliding" part is horizontal rather then vertical. Com'on. It's not a phone, so stop trying to be like one.

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    KChark Guest
    I'm coming to the uk for school.. i might buy it while there.

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