NOTE: If you plan to use this program be aware it will overwrite your original PSP Background Images permanently with each use, or even worse may permanently damage your PSP if misused... so use it with caution and read ALL included documentation first or simply don't try it if you aren't 100% confident with the required process involved.

Tonight on iRC Vampire and DrEggman released PSPersonalize v1.0 for PSP v1.00 & v1.50. PSPersonalize is a PSP program that lets you replace the background images in your PSP menu. On the PSP, there are 12 backgrounds, one for every month as follows: 01.BMP - January, 02.BMP - February, 03.BMP - March, 04.BMP - April, 05.BMP - May, 06.BMP - June, 07.BMP - July, 08.BMP - August, 09.BMP - September, 10.BMP - October, 11.BMP - November, 12.BMP - December. This program allows you to replace any image you want with your own custom made images.

To insert your own images, simply put your own 24-bit BMP file in the root directory of your second memory stick. The filename should match the number of the month you want to replace. (Ex: I want to replace November so I would create a .BMP called 11.BMP and place it in my 2nd memory stick). Do NOT put these images in any of the directories in your memory stick, the software wonít find them in this case. Also, images canít be any larger than 150k in size... thatís a resolution of about 300x170. The reason for this is that anything larger causes your PSP to not load the icons properly. Finally, these images must be 24-bit so do NOT use images that are 16-bit or 8-bit color. Enjoy, and props to both Vampire and DrEggman!