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    PSPersonalize & startup screens

    I recently used PSPersonalize, and the first thing I noticed was that cool little background and sound when you highlight the launcher icon.

    Are there any tutorials out there to create custom startup screens like this? Is it even possible? As much as I like the default icon for the launcher utility... it would be cool to have different icons for my different emulators complete with sound and background image.

    I'm guessing you have to put these in while you are making the eboot, but if it's possible to add them in later, and somebody knows how, you should post here, because that would be really cool.

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    I believe that you need the PBP unpacker. After looking at some things that were done before, I came up with the following information on the image sizes:

    Icon = 144x80 px
    Background = 408x272 px

    I think that if you play around a little with PBP unpacker, you will be able to stumble your way through.
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    Hey, thanks for the suggestion T3rror. I should have one up and running for snes9x and NesterJ by tomorrow complete with sound and everything. It's pretty easy using the unpacker utilitiy.

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    Using PSPersonalize with ONLY ONE memorystick!!!!

    Very Simple! same method using in KXploit.
    step by step: PSPersonalize-1.0
    2.create two directory in /PSP/GAME/pspersonalize% and /PSP/GAME/pspersonalize
    3.copy MS1/EBOOT.PBP to /PSP/GAME/pspersonalize%
    4.copy MS2/EBOOT.PBP to /PSP/GAME/pspersonalize
    5.copy image to ROOT dictory.
    6.execute it.

    turn off and turn on PSP POWER.
    IT"S WORK!!!!!

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    Why are you bothering to create and copy the folders, when the Kexploit program does that for you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IMB
    Why are you bothering to create and copy the folders, when the Kexploit program does that for you?
    KXploit only works if you have one EBOOT.PBP. If you have 2 EBOOTs (as in the case of the PSPersonalize, which is for the Swaploit), you can't use it.

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    Just use the EBOOT file in the MS1 folder, and dont worry about the other one. It will work just fine on the no swap method if you use that file. I did it and it works just fine.

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    What is the ROOT directory?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mxg
    What is the ROOT directory?
    The root folder is the top folder that contains all other files and folders. It's the X:\ folder (where X: is your memory stick's drive letter) containing the PSP folder and everything else.

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    does anyone know where i can find pre made wallpaper packs?

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