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    PSP XMB Waves - Hex Edits

    I thought with everyone taking a crack at editing there XMB wave, this would be a good place to share them. Here are one or two of mine. Feel free to show what you have made.
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    screen1.bmp   screen17.bmp  
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    Looks cool- Thumbs Up to you!

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    NOTE: Credits go to z33 (sorry if i spelt the name wrong) for the XMB Waves i posted below. If you are running Custom Firmware 3.03 OE-C up to 3.10 OE-A2. you can just drag and drop this files easily to change the waves of your xmb.

    to do this, plug in a usb cable and access recovery mode (hold R button while booting up psp) and go to advanced--> toggle usb (flash0).

    after that, navigate to vsh/resource and look for a file called "system_plugin_bg.rco" . that is your original XMB wave (provided that you are doing this for the first time).

    copy that file and paste it somewhere on your harddrive (so that if anything mess up or you want the original back, just copy and paste it back)

    after that, copy the custom xmb wave file and paste it in vsh/resource.

    NOTE: if the file you wanna use is called "z1b_system_plugin_bg.rco"

    please rename it to "system_plugin_bg.rco" without the ""

    finally. here is a legend to what the file name means.

    b = blue
    p = purple
    g = green
    r = red

    1 = thin waves
    2 = thick waves

    have fun customising !!!!
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    how did you put waves on a picture background ?

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    I love this app, its a great idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calimero Oeuf View Post
    how did you put waves on a picture background ?
    I used an app like Flash Agent - This program allows you to not only flash 60x34 bmp images to the background but 300x170 wallpaper bmp to flash providing you have adequit space avail.

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    Those look great, you going to share the rco files?

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