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Thread: PSP vs Vita - PSS SDK and CPU performance

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    Drakkone Guest

    PSP vs Vita - PSS SDK and CPU performance

    Finally we have access to PSS SDK and we can make any game we want for Vita. But have anyone wonder about comparing Vita to PSP?

    While porting my game from PSP/C++ to Vita/C# I stumbled across really strange behaviour - game was slower on Vita than on PSP... I don't mean rendering speed but simple computation speed done by cpu.

    Today I wrote small tests for booth consoles and results are quite interesting. (PSP cpu was set to 333 MHz, on Vita only one core was used to perform calculations)

    Small number of milliseconds is better.

    multidimensional array

    int test
    Vita - 20678 miliseconds
    PSP - 8699 miliseconds

    float test
    Vita - 23752 miliseconds
    PSP - 9911 milisecods

    double test
    Vita - 20594 miliseconds
    PSP - spaaaaace....

    simple variables

    int test
    Vita - 1324 miliseconds
    PSP - 0000 miliseconds

    float test
    Vita - 19486 miliseconds
    PSP - 0000 miliseconds

    double test
    Vita - 8267 miliseconds
    PSP - 0000 miliseconds
    Results are little-bit disappointing for me. Sony should add ability to use C++ with sdk or heavily optimize mono vm on Vita.

    Full source code of tests is here:
    Or as attachment.

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    Cheers for sharing this Drakkone and +Rep!

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    Tepoo Guest
    you should learn how to program correct benchmarks/program in c++/c#.

    the tests you made are a result of a bad programming structure. only because it runs, its not a key to a good program. you really should optimize your sourcecode and learn how to write good code.

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    Drakkone Guest
    Tepoo: I don't know how code that multiple 2 arrays and set score to another can be that bad... If you point me my errors i will fix them C# code is from MS site for testing parallel loop and i added c++ to be similar.

    Main point of this test was to show that Mono VM on Vita is really really bad optimized, or Sony limited CPU speed with PSS SDK. There are some other tests made by Martin Caine on pss forum ( He used built in Vector3 structure and his own.

    Simulator - PSS Vector3 - 3.309 seconds
    Simulator - Custom Vector3 - 2.68 seconds

    Tablet S - PSS Vector3 - 9.55 seconds
    Tablet S - Custom Vector3 - 8.536 seconds

    Xperia Play - PSS Vector3 - 17.419 seconds
    Xperia Play - Custom Vector3 - 15.990 seconds

    Vita - PSS Vector3 - 28.128 seconds
    Vita - Custom Vector3 - 25.140 seconds
    Again Vita is worst. It's worth to mention that I made same test on PSP with custom Vector3 class (yes without any optimization ) and it took 12.836 seconds.

    Martin also tested this on some WP7 phones (also c# for programming but with VM from MS)
    Nokia Lumia 800 - XNA Vector3 - 9.555 seconds
    Nokia Lumia 800 - Custom Vector3 - 9.424 seconds
    Nokia Lumia 800 - XNA Vector (SIMD) - 7.74 seconds

    HTC HD7 - XNA Vector3 - 13.44 seconds
    HTC HD7 - Custom Vector3 - 13.852 seconds
    HTC HD7 - XNA Vector3 (SIMD) - 10.87 seconds
    Anyone can clearly see that Mono VM is really really bad optimized on Vita or maybe Sony limited CPU speed there... PSS SDK is still in beta state so maybe Sony will improve this. Otherwise don't expect to many advanced games on Vita made with this sdk.

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