We've known since E3 in June that Sony would open up the PlayStation Network for direct video downloads over WiFi to the PSP - no PC or PS3 required.

Now it's live, in Japan anyway. At the moment, there are about 90 PSN video titles to choose from at the moment including anime episodes at 200 (about $2) per or animated movies for 500 ($5.30) in standard definition or 600 ($6.40) for HD.

PSP downloaded videos can be transferred to the PS3 and some content can be rented for 72-hours at a pop. No word on US or European launches but really, how much longer could it be with the PSP Go launching on October 1st.

To quote, roughly translated: PSP PlayStation Store's video rental service is now available as well. Traditionally the first drop in the PS3 from the PSP to "move" is needed to further download the PSP via WiFi directly to Memory Stick and you can play.

Once downloaded to the start of play the first 72 hours are available for viewing and using the same DRM restrictions from the PS3. Like the PSP to the PS3, PSP and download content directly to the PS3 can play and move. "Of course" I should add, PSP can only rent the SD version.

And according to today's launch for the PSP:

- "Toro travel and THE MOVIE" (SD 500 version, HD version of 600)
- BECK (1 story 200 yen, SD only)

Was added to the library. PlayStation Store content that is available on rental, "90 Items 1000 story," TV Anime and Animation Theater.

And speaking of PSP, 4GB MS PRO Duo and the accessory pack and set the pouch and strap and will be released from July 23.

Only the first pressing, PlayStation Store video rental free product code and the data SCEJ game theme music, the content and pre-installed trial version of MS games.

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