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    PSP USB Host Idea?

    Hey, XshikamaruX here.

    I've been reading up on the latest USB host mod updates allowing you to basically stream games off of the PC using the available .prx and application and EBOOT. Well, I'm not really a techy but I was wondering if it is possible to do something similar but running it off a USB-OTG (on-the-go) supported devices that have Hosting capabilities instead of running it off the PC. My audio player supports this and it is 30 GB, and it would be great if I could use it in conjuction with the PSP. How about it? Is it possible? Replies and conversation gladly welcomed!

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    I am not sure what you are requesting is possible at this time. The USB hosting as of now requires you to run an executable file to set the host up. I would assume you would need to mod the PSP homebrew (Devhook) to recognize your USB device's host methods in order for this to work.

    If you had a portable HDD device with some kind of WinOS installed that allows for it to run executables, then you may be able to pull this off.

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    i don't have a usb-otg device at the moment so i'm not 100% sure how they work but as far as i know you can only transfer files between the psp and the usb-otg device, i don't think there's a way to run USBHOSTFS and install the psp driver so it's probably not possible.

    i have a 2gb memory stick but i'm also looking for something to put my isos on so i can transfer them to psp while i'm away from home, running them directly from the device would be more convinient but like i said i don't think it's possible plus there's also the hassle of powering the device, power consumption will obviously be lower if it's just turned on while you transfer to psp.

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    Streaming Isos with any Streamaplis?

    I think that the better way to play Isos from PC is to make it real for the Pimp Player. I think that is posible. That is an Idee for good PSP Programmers. Wireless is the best way. I hope that will be possible in the Future. But it is very cool to play Isos from PC now. I love my PSP more and more.

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    I don't really see the need for wireless iso/homebrew streaming, except for at home... and the same is for usbhost-ing.

    Both don't make it possible to play the games on-the-go, and that is what the PSP is primarily ment for: to take it with you.

    Now, I have a 2,5" usb harddrive case with USB-OTG, and an iAudio X5 mp3player with USB-OTG. I take the content for my PSP with me, in ready to go folders, on those drives. I can hook up my PSP to the device, and on the device say 'copy to'. So I can copy a movie or ISO or something from my portable harddrive on my PSP while I'm in the train (without bringing my bulky laptop ).

    What you want sounds like USB-OTG support _in_ the PSP. You can plug any portable USB storage device (harddrive, cardreader, mobilephone) to the PSP, and play the ISO's or movies directly from that device.

    1) This would require a whole lot of USB driver code _in_ the homebrew software on the PSP to do this... sounds like a lot of work, and you would
    run into compatibility issues with all the different devices out there

    2) It wouldn't even be that handy! Think about it, your PSP lasts around 3,5 hours on a full battery while playing? Playing movies it might even run for longer. Now, the most portable USB-OTG devices I've seen don't even last that long! My 2,5" harddisk case lasts around 2,5 hours on it's builtin battery.

    Now, copying 1gb on the PSP takes at most 10minutes. But playing directly from the device, the battery would be that in two hours or so. And cardreaders/mobilephones/etcc don't have that much storage space to be useful...

    So, using USB-OTG devices to fill your PSP on the go works already, and maybe pretty useful. Playing directly from USB-OTG devices is a near impossible programming task I think and wouldn't be that practical!

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    I agree, simply trying to connect both devices would be a programming task of a million men. why not try to just keep back ups of all your games on that 2.5 hard disk and replaces games on the go with a computer or maybe a hud of some sort.

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    Don't see why this wouldn't be possible if your device can...
    1. Act as true usb host
    2. Has some kind of OS (linux based or symbian for example)
    (good example would be the archos devices, although very expensive! and i'm not sure what os they use!)

    The current utilities for streaming iso's from the PC would obviously not be compatible! (although, may be ported possibly)

    I've not had any experience programming for these devices so couldn't possibly comment on how complex this task would be, but i don't see why it shouldn't be possible.

    (Who ever programs it would have to be really in need of the option though, because it's not very likely that it would port between these devices easily!)

    I may be wrong, but hey this is just one guys opionion.

    p.s. as long as the programmer bases the work on the existing usbhostfs for PC and encorporates the driver specifics in the code on the device, there is no need to change anything on the PSP side.

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    There are "digital photo bank" devices which could probably be used for this. Its an external hdd in a usb case with an integrated memory card slot. Usually they're used for copying photos FROM memory cards to HDD, but why not using HDD to store your ISO and copy games from HDD to memcard as needed? Unfortunately the one I checked just had one button to copy all files (no option to choose particular files) from card to HDD, not the other way.

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    USBmass for Devhook?

    Is it possible to make a USBmass support for devhook?
    and use USB mini HDDs

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